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Lest you forget!

Sike about these recipes being for your health, but it’s finals so you’re excused from all your responsibilities as a human being for about 10 days. A few days ago, we asked to you to send us your desperate-times recipes. Below, we compile your submissions, some of which sound more delicious than others, all of which are quick and cheap. You’ll have time to shower and eat like a person in a week’s time, comrades!

Sweet Potato Fries
Preheat oven to 450 F. Wash and slice 1 sweet potato into thick fry-shaped wedges. Toss with 1 pinch each of olive oil, paprika, and cayenne pepper. Put on a tin-foil-covered cookie sheet. Bake 15 minutes, then take the sheet out and mix the fries around a bit, and bake for another 5-10 minutes. Add salt to taste. Tin-foil = basically no clean up.

Mm-Mm Microwaved Veggies
Buy frozen veggies, like corn, peas, edamame, etc. Pour as much as you want into a bowl/mug/whatever. Take a spoon and add a pat of butter on top. (Optional: Sprinkle on some curry powder/dried basil/oregano/pepper/garlic powder/etc. and mix for a kick). Defrost it for 1 minute. Microwave normally for 45 seconds. Eat just like that or spread on some toast to make a sandwich.

“Ritzy” Mac n Cheese
Buy 2 boxes mac n cheese. Buy a couple bags of frozen veggies – peas, corn, lima beans/edamame, etc. Make the mac n cheese in a pot. It will take 15 minutes and be worth it. When it’s done, add in the veggies (you may not use all of it) and heat through for ~2 mins. Optional: Cut up a hunk of cheese and throw it in; heat and mix until it’s melted and combined OR if you want to spice it up, throw in 1 tsp curry powder OR 1 tsp dried oregano/thyme/basil.

Lower-Key-Ritzy Mac
Make Easy Mac/similar mac n cheese in microwave. Then add some frozen veggies (peas, corn, etc.), pepper if you wish, and defrost the veggies for 1-2 mins.

Egg Drop Ramen
Make ramen. Beat 1 egg in bowl. Throw the flavor packet (preferably chicken flavored) into 2 cups of boiling water. As you throw in the flavor packet, turn off the stove and slowly pour in the beaten egg, stirring consistently. Add salt/soy sauce to taste.

Hardboiled Eggs
Put eggs in a single layer in a saucepan, covered by at least an inch or two of cold water. Starting with cold water and gently bringing the eggs to a boil will help keep them from cracking. (Adding a half teaspoon of salt is thought to help both with the preventing of cracking and making the eggs easier to peel.) Put the burner on high and bring the eggs to a boil. Reduce the heat to low, return the pan to the burner. Let simmer for one minute. After a minute, remove the pan from the heat, cover, and let sit for 12 minutes. Check one for doneness. If you like them, you can buy some pork or fish sung (Chinese condiment) and sprinkle that on chopped eggs.

  • Yogurt and trail mix: Use plain Stonyfield yogurt (get the bulk size). Add trail mix and enjoy.
  • Dress up the traditional mac and cheese with Gruyere cheese and truffle oil.
  • Half toast an English muffin in your toaster oven. Take it out and put your favorite tomato sauce on and slices of cheese. Slide back in until you have two bubbling pizzas. Add anchovies, ham or pineapple chunks if you’re frisky. A slice of fresh tomato is also recommended.
  • Buy a can of Heinz baked beans, heat in microwave, and serve on toast (or just plain bread if you’re desperate.)

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  1. even quicker ones  

    easy egg:
    crack an egg in a bowl. beat if desired. microwave.
    can also add spinach leaves, or seasonings, if desired, before microwaving.

    while taking that one shower you'll take all week:
    strip down.
    when bringing shower stuff to shower, also take hot water boiler machine thing, and egg.
    turn on hot water boiler thing, put egg inside.
    come out of shower, finish brushing teeth/whatever.
    your egg should be done when it floats to the top... should be done by the end of the shower!

    jazzed up oatmeal:
    boil water
    put water into oatmeal
    crack egg into oatmeal... mix (if you do not mix egg will not cook!)
    let sit.
    add pepper, parmesan cheese, or other seasonings if desired!

  2. BP&J&Chips  

    Spread BP&J on tortilla chips. For more fun, find chips that match up well...

  3. Anonymous  

    how the fuck do you pinch olive oil. you're not jesus.

  4. Anonymous  

    extra sharp cheddar cheese with miniature pretzels.

    you're welcome.

  5. simplest one of all  

    take one jar of peanut butter--any kind will do. organic if you're fancy.
    take one spoon--preferably a clean one.
    insert spoon into peanut butter. stick in your mouth. enjoy.

  6. seas kid  

    what's with this focus on frozen vegetables? fresh vegetable are generally cheaper.

    buy loose carrots at westside at $0.89 lb

    then grate the carrots

    add mustard, olive oil, cumin, salt, pepper

    cheapest salad ever.

    • mmm  

      when you're not trying to cook that whole pound of carrots in a few days, frozen is best. keeps for months, unlike fresh vegetables, easy to store, too, and forget about.

  7. EDR

    Egg drop ramen sounds pretty good. This whole thing should be expanded into a cook book.

  8. Dude

    Vegetables in mac and cheese just sounds terrible, especially frozen vegetables.

    You can put Tabasco in it to spice it up. Quick and tasty.

  9. mmm  

    to sardines. good, easy protein in a can. just remember to wash out the liquid before dumping it into your garbage can...a sea of fruit flies in your garbage can is not pleasant =(

    and captcha: muckier GREAT. it lies.

  10. Anonymous

    The word is "psych," Bwog.

  11. Yes I am Black  

    you people are so white. olive oil, paprika, and cayenne pepper on sweet potato fries? try some sugar and cinnamon instead.

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