Bwog Presents The Bitch Box: 4 PM Outside Butler

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We’ve been reading the comments, and counting the thumbs down. You’re stressed.  We understand. And we want to help.

Today, starting at 4 PM outside Butler, Bwog will inaugurate its Bitch Box.

The internet is a great place to complain, but bitching in real life is much more satisfying…especially when there’s free comfort food. Butler campers, leave your coveted cubicles to come sit, chat and bitch in Bwog’s impromptu office (read: blue inflatable couch on rug). We envision Bitch Box will be like NYT’s Complaint Box meets PostSecret meets Charlie Bartlett.

Come by, eat free food, lounge on the couch, or get creative at our crafts station. Just like teh Internetz, it’ll be anonymous and we won’t make your complaints into a Bwog post or a chart or anything. Stressbusters will also be there, giving massages and handing out stress balls. Basically, we want to know what you’re thinking, how the week is going, and to say thanks for reading this year. We’ll see you at 4- rain or shine!


Update: Thank you all for coming out, bitching, and de-stressing. Since Bitch Box was such a success, we’ll have Round 2 early next semester. Thanks for reading, we love you, and good luck on finals- oh and the Stressbusters are demi-gods. If you weren’t there, just look what you missed:

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  1. Surfin' UWS  

    Awesomely meta. Good. I've got a lot of grievances with you people and I like to sit.

  2. Anonymous

    hey bwog, who hung the inspirational string messages in butler?
    "let's get it on!"
    "i believe in you"
    "you got this"
    are all on the ground floor.

  3. uhhh  

    ok then bwog....u do that

  4. Harmony Hunter  

    How do I get to Butler from Harmony?

  5. Wow.  

    Don't you all have something better to do with your time?

  6. dammit!

    why did i miss this!

  7. I was thinking  

    about showing up extremely distressed, confused about everything and then asking in real life: "Guys—seriously—Where the fuck is Harmony?!!!!"

    captcha: scotch of

  8. this  

    was the cutest thing ever!! bwog <3

  9. you need a

    tee shirt.. it is really time......
    on the front it should read

    BWOG ( on the front of the shirt)

    We are SPEC.. tacular ( on the back)

  10. Bwog

    We love you too <333

  11. another tee shirt idea

    BWOG ( on the front)
    WE ARE NOT SPECious ( on the back)
    in our arguments

  12. I can only

    give some ideas/// I cannot draw/
    you are welcome to use strings attached.. if you like them
    consider it a thank you to bwog... it is fun reading your stuff
    i do think your staff needs tee shirts......

  13. how about this

    BWOG ( front)
    We never SPECulate
    .. only the facts ( on the back)

  14. how about  

    BWOG, bitches.

    Fuck SPEC (back)

  15. When  

    I first saw this event, I thought that the Hipster Children of Columbia had decided to host some random event. Then I saw it was the Bwog editors. Then I realized that the Hipster Children of Columbia had decided to host some random event.

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

      The Varsity Show never lies! I wont leave the house with my kafia- how else would people know I work for Bwog? There's been a required uniform for the staff since 2006, actually.

  16. Tee-Shirt  


    We are more SPECific


    We report on more SPECtacles


    We are cooler then SPEC...troheliograms


    We are more accurate then SPEC...trometers

    I leave you to come up with something catchy for this word

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