1. bitter human

    It seems more like someone was procrastinating rather than being nice. This is as stupid as someone wearing a free hugs sign.

  2. This is

    one of the projects from Miranda July's Learning to Love You More.

  3. To whoever made those signs  

    They made me smile. Thanks!

  4. uhh

    1) That sign looks awfully ominous.
    2) That sign looks awfully suicidal.
    3) The only place I saw something similar was in the NYTimes regarding Cornell posting similar signs on their main campus bridge to suicide jumpers.
    4) This isn\'t Cornell.
    5) This is Columbia, an Ivy League institution.
    6) Get that sign out of here.

  5. Super  

    Super nice but it makes me sad that it is necessary.

    People, these are finals, not a "YES, WE CAN!" moment.

    • It is awesome.

      Who ever did this is a solid human being, worthy of praise, hugs, et cetera.

      I believe in all of you, even the haters. Kill some finals this week, people.

  6. well  

    they may not be super necessary, but i was having an awful day and saw one in hartley earlier. was surprisingly touched by it. thanks, mysterious sign-hangers!

  7. aren't we all  

    negative nancies. no need to get your panties in a twist over every little thing, yeeesh.

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