May 9th…It’s the Final Frontier!

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We're not kidding!

Hey you freshpeople, good luck on your Frontiers final today!

If you need some last minute guidance, consult the University of Sydney’s bizarre Frontiers of Science website, which chronicles the 1961 Sydney Morning Herald comic strip called, uh, Frontiers of Science. “Everyone is science-conscious these days,” the intro to the comic strip explains, “and this new strip feature, intelligently presented and attractively drawn, will enable newspaper readers to get a better grasp of what is going on in the world today.” Read, and you will learn about the moon, the Soviet enemy, and aliens. Shit just got real, eh 2013?

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  1. Anonymous  

    I wish Fro Sci was "intelligently presented"

  2. Don't fucking call it  

    Fro's Frontiers, plain and simple.

    • KN  

      This year's class calls it Frosci, perhaps unintentionally based off of the first lectures when hearing of the Foci of planetary systems. But stop hating- each grade can choose what they want to call it. If 2014 calls it "This fucking monstrosity", more power to them.

  3. Anonymous  

    frontiers is an embarrassment to the core and the university. I'm glad Columbia tries something new with the core, but they really need to let this baby go.

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