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Some of you are done with finals by tonight or tomorrow, and that means it’s time for you to plan your escape route from Morningside. Use Carsplit to split cabs to the airport and save money. It’s a win-win!

For a some before-noon procrastination, watch 50 of your classmates do the Soulja Boy dance (PROM ’07!!) on Low yesterday afternoon. And remember friends- this is the final stretch!

Update: INY tells all: there’s a new, unnamed Indian restaurant in town, on Columbus between 106th and 107th. $7 for a full meal.

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  1. NJR  

    So sad I missed this :(

  2. UH?

    This was dumb, coreogrpahy horrible too

  3. smiling,  

    i love my school a little bit more now.

  4. Um...  

    I'm so confused by the low comment rating. I realize it's off topic but it's also telling people about $10 plane tickets (!!)

  5. !  

    How do i get involved in this???

  6. This is

    Awesome! Way to go for bringing some cheer to Columbia on a gloomy finals day

  7. Harmony Hunter  

    Is this near Harmony?

  8. such a great way to procrastinate

    out of curiosity, how did these people know of this? I'd love to get involved next time.

  9. Anonymous

    It was started by two girls at columbia who emailed a bunch of their friends to put it together...turned out pretty well. How to get involved?...make more friends...maybe one of them will want to put one together one day.

  10. would have worked better  

    on a nicer day, maybe earlier in reading week when people are not actually all trapped up in butler.

    but a cute attempt tho.

  11. bitter human

    This failed attempt warms my cold heart...because it failed. My tired eyes read flashbomb, so I am very disappointed.

  12. ummm  

    i guess barnard girls are done with exams?

  13. not gonna lie

    even though this was no live britney spears concert with half naked people dancing in cages, every girl up there looks fun/cute/bubbly as hell. definitely attractive. props!

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