FDNY Outside Lerner

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We’re hearing reports of four firetrucks outside Lerner and firemen walking into the building with a hose. Anyone there? Let us know what’s going on in the comments. Expect an update in a hot (!) sec.

Update, 9:38: Fire trucks gone, Lerner half-empty. Fire alarm went off briefly but firemen found no smoke or fire. A commenter says students had to leave the building, so there’s plenty of study space in here now, kids!


  1. WTF  

    Was inside when the alarms went off-- there was no smoke, no fire. Just another classic false fire alarm à la Columbia residence hall. And they made us all get out.

    WTF Lerner.

  2. You Lazy Technically Incompetent Bastards  

    I get a BS "not available" message just because I'm using IE8?! IE 6, I understand. IE 7, okay, that's justifiable. But IE 8? Come on! Whatever happened to the "degrading gracefully" aspect of modern web design?
    And "temporarily" does not mean out of order since the beginning of May.
    Get your shit together, Bwog.

  3. hey bwog staff!

    This has nothing to do with the post here, but I don't know who else to ask. Google and the school website aren't helping me at all. Columbia student here. I've been legit-sick and need to see a faculty member to talk about a final I have coming up (right now). Who do I talk to about my options? A dean, my professor, someone else? It's a little late to email my professor about it, so I need some help if you can! (Apologies if this is not so coherent - sick and all). You guys are awesome.

    • Anonymous  

      talk to your advisor... it might not seem like it at times.. but honestly they are your voice for "emergencies"

      also go to health services. if they say that you are too sick to go to a final then your teacher has to accept that... plus this will also help your advisor...

      The number for advising is 212 854 6978. Ask the receptionist to speak with your advisor and he/she isn't there or your don't know who it is then explain your problem to the receptionist.

      • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

        Yep, part of your adviser's job is basically to help you when you're sick and contact your professors on your behalf. You should still contact your professors if you can't take an exam though- it'll be best if you and your dean email to figure out a make-up test/alternatives. You may have to petition for an incomplete so that you can finish all your work and finals over the summer, and your adviser can walk you through that process. Feel better!

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