On Poor Decisions

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Asenso Ampim, CC’11, has produced a song addressing the inevitable post-finals decision: “EC, Heights, or Campo?”


Try not to let it get stuck in your head until after you finish that last exam.  You can download the mp3 here.

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  1. definitely  

    stuck in my head now.

    wow. "ec, heights, or campo?"

  2. hhaha  

    sick track- who else singing?

  3. Anonymous  

    asenso produced it but who's rapping?

  4. Anonymous  

    Can we get a copy of lyrics bwog???

  5. CU Basketball  


  6. FML  

    I still have 2 days....WHY AM I AT THIS SCHOOL?!

  7. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

    Eek, we don't have the lyrics-- try emailing Asenso directly.

  8. Anonymous

    Okay, what the hell is the original song this is based on? I hear it about 20 times every day outside my window, but I'm at a loss for what it is.

  9. frank white  

    he did not produce this you retards

    the beat is lloyd banks 'beamer, benz or bentley' which the more talented joell ortiz made into 'nissan, honda, chevy'

  10. Anonymous  

    this shit is sick!!!

  11. soooo  

    hilarious! loves it.

  12. Anonymous  

    Asenso on 1st verse, Sandeep C2013 is the 2nd verse, Brian Grimes C2011 is on the 3rd verse accompanied by Asenso finishing off the track.

  13. public speaking class...

    I LOVE ASENSO. he rocks everything.

  14. pico

    go to 1020 not campo heights or ec

  15. omg

    this will definitely be stuck in my head for my last two exams! =)

  16. Anonymous  

    this is hilarious

  17. patti mayHOOOO

    would love to CHECK UP ON these kidz' GPAs


  18. patti mayHOOOO

    awwww skeet! skeet!, skeeter!

  19. Not  

    as good as the Frontiers of Science song....

  20. Anonymous  


  21. Anonymous  

    From what i heard there will be a music video haha, this is awesome

  22. Anonymous


    Chorus: Senz (Asenso)

    EC, Heights, or Campo
    Which one should I get into?
    I’m cool I'm smooth this what I do
    My crew we ball baby how bout you?
    We fresh we rep tryna see what it do
    Baby you can come along but bring your whole damn crew up into....
    EC, Heights, or Campo
    Which one should I get into?

    Verse 1: Senz

    EC, Heights or Campo it takes two baby to Tango
    And the condoms in my pocket so I'm strapped call me Rambo
    And my crew here wit me, the liquor got me silly
    And when it’s closing time I hope you coming home wit me
    This is how we do, my cup full of brew
    I'm in the building now tell me who are you?
    All three spots yeah we take it there
    EC, Heights yeah we take it there
    If Campo is poppin? well I guess we take it there
    Any one can get it coz 151(proof) is setting in my system
    Please take it easy don’t diss him
    Not a good idea to come here trippin
    I don't have to trip my team will dismiss him


    Verse 2: Deep Daddy (Sandeep)

    Getting live on each and every continent
    VIP Status Girls and Drinks to compliment
    Now got your girl whispering in my ear
    Type of things that you don't wanna hear
    Yup its deep daddy and I run this town
    EC Heights or Campo you know it's goin down
    So it's the weekend, So get to freaking
    Ya girl lying to you when she said she was sleepin
    When you with me money not a major issue
    Another shot best believe I am with you
    Yeah, me and the crew so unbelievably fly
    If you're looking for us turn your head up to the sky


    Verse 3: Odyssie (Brian Grimes)

    All the girlies waving from afar-Halo
    Oddy Odyssey Imma Star -Halo
    All the hotties know just who we are – Halo
    Soon as I step up in the bar - Halo
    Catch your boy stunttin out the bar - Halo
    Walking doug funny with a girl like Patti Mayo
    Quit Grabbing on me honey please Leggo my Eggo
    Took the chick to Ollies wouldn't buy her one egg roll
    Money money money I am all about my pesos
    Looking for a mami with a body like J-Lo
    She said she gotta tell her girls she leavin im like they know
    Took her to the crib and made her blow volcano
    Looked into my eyes and she screamed muy bueno
    Because she appreciates it cuzz shes tired of these lamos
    Senior night back at West End (Havana Central) - Halo
    Thursday night headed to the Heights – Leeeegoooooooooo

    Senz's best u know
    You rockin wit a pro professional
    Tryna let you know that we next blow
    And my pockets on fat so I'm extra swoll
    Let me break it down so you can understand me
    EC, Heights, or Campo is cool but what's the plan b?
    For later on, tryna go home bring your ass along
    U can lead the way I'll tag along
    Make the bed bedrock till the early morn
    We in this bitch, my coat on the rack then I seen this chick
    Switch my flow, English with a sweet smile tryna look innocent
    Sip till we fall
    In Campo with Theta running it all
    EC sweat dripping off the walls, in Heights with a bottle so you know we ball
    Baby I don't want a piece (so what you want daddy?)
    I I I want it all……

  23. Butterflykiss32

    I am glad they put the lyrics up-they're kinda hot! Makes the song better to see them

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