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All of these things are not like the other!

The Hechinger Institute, an independently funded branch of TC, launched an education blog.

Your tour guide lied: murder and rape rates rise in NYC.

The most recent Jester and Fed are now online.

So there’s this group called the Columbia Business School Follies and they made this video about B-School and marriage and the stock market and it’s a “Single Ladies” spoof. Maybe it’s OK that they don’t let us into the library. B-school: one long, beautiful, dance-filled happy hour.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Wait, we can't use the Business library?

  2. Anonymous  

    you linked to the wrong issue of Jester

  3. spec  

    posted this video last month i think

  4. Anonymous  

    this is amazing.

  5. Also  

    Those are some hot ladies

  6. ...  

    am I the only one who thought the black one looked like a man?

  7. but..  

    we do have access to the b-school library? i've been there. swiped my card, went in..?

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      There was talk last year of the B-school closing its library to undergrads, which made everyone yell about how they hated the B-school. People were turned away last year, but I guess they've changed that policy, at least informally. I shall update the post accordingly.

  8. Who cares?

    "we do have access to the b-school library? i’ve been there. swiped my card, went in..?"

    Semesters over...get out of the library and do something fun for once kid.
    Trust me life in the real world contains more than just worrying bout swipe access privs.

  9. Anonymous  

    dammit why am I still pre-med. I'll just marry rich.

  10. really though  

    do we want swipe access to the library of a school the student body of which is still thinking Single Ladies parody videos?

  11. this  

    is freaking awesome.

  12. That's  

    super creepy.

  13. i saw  

    a really hot marketing project in a b-school class this semester. lady gaga spoof and hot sauce...beyond amazing. anyone have the link?

  14. wow

    the gothamist commenters are almost as bad as bwog commenters.

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