1. ...  

    is that sam and nikki next to them??

  2. perry  

    save my princess

  3. Anonymous  


  4. ...  

    i will not be happy until i see a man in a gorilla suit carrying a woman dressed up like a princess screaming "help me mario!" followed by a man in a mario suit running up the ramps in lerner hall. i may even be really happy if there were a trashcan with postit "pixels" spelling "OIL" as the base of the lerner ramps. i could potentially be thrilled if said man in said gorilla suit were to throw foam barrels down the ramps at said man in said mario suit. i won't even talk about what my mental state would be if appropriate music were to be piped in, complete with jump sound effects.

  5. Anonymous  

    second photo isn't 209

  6. Anonymous  

    love these kids, awesome video they made too

  7. anon  

    they are in jjs now

  8. Anonymous  

    Luigi looks angry at that messy table! keepin it real.

  9. Anonymous  

    I lost it when he did the Luigi 'ooOOOOOOoooo'

  10. Im sorry Mario  

    But your princess is in another library...

  11. really though  

    sitting in Butler, studying for a final while all my friends were partying, this made my day (I mean evening...)

  12. The International Drew

    If overalls are for hipsters, then who wears Lilly Pulitzer overalls?

  13. ....  

    This. is. awesome. Where did they get the costumes?

  14. Varun  

    haha YES. this is fantastic. whoever thought of this is a genius.

  15. jacob  

    hahaha jacob would take that pic haha

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