1. Yep  

    I told you she'd be good.

  2. umm  

    why do barnard girls wear columbia blue?

    • Seriously...

      Barnard is all about being independent from Columbia when it benefits them....but at the end of the 4 years...Columbia blue is worn.

    • SEAS '10

      Yeah.. because the choose the color of their graduation robes. Grow up! Congrats Class of 2010!

    • Anonymous

      i was just about to ask the same thing.

      I think Barnard adds something special to our community, so I'm not a troll. I feel like most of the inter/intra? - school tension comes from the ambiguous relationship. Wearing Columbia robes seems a little bit like they are one of the undergraduate schools, which they aren't - technically. As a CC student, I feel like Barnard gets benefits of the relationship, and no detractions. Whereas the average CC person only benefits from a more diverse student body.

      idk. maybe they should have their own robes. but it doesn't really matter in the long run.

      • Anonymous  

        As someone who loves dance, I've seriously benefited from the Barnard/Columbia relationship despite being CC. They also have really great English, art history, and history departments, so I wouldn't be so quick to say that Columbia students just benefit from a more diverse student body (which, by the way, is a huge benefit). Also, I, for one, have benefited from that thin crust pizza that they serve in the Diana.

      • ummm

        in the long run we're all dead

      • As a CC student...  

        who is basically getting his degree from Barnard, I benefit a lot from the college across the street. As mentioned, Barnard has some really strong departments and a lot of good classes offered by really brilliant and passionate professors. If you haven't taken any classes over there, I would suggest that you do. Yeah, sure, we can't swipe into their computer lab (last time I checked) but I'm sure someone is working on that.

        I'm a CC student and I love Barnard. Yeah, that's right, rip on that.

    • Anonymous  

      Does Barnard have their own crown? Or do they just have the bear?

    • School colors?

      I think blue and white are Barnard's school colors. I'm not 100% sure, but it was a question on Barnard spirit day and I'm pretty sure that was the right answer. I was a little too busy trying to get some lunch before Lit Hum to be totally sure though...

    • Anonymous

      The color doesn't bother me (I think you're right, "School colors?," they're blue and white, too...), it's the fact that they are identical, right down to the crowns on the lapels. Those aren't Barnard robes in Barnard colors, they're nondescript robes, in Barnard/Columbia colors, with Columbia crowns. ergo, 2 to 1, they're Columbia robes.

    • good point

      while barnard is obviously part of the columbia community, it certainly has its own identity, including its own school colors, and it's really a travesty that columbia is hegemonically subjugating barnard's independent identity.

  3. i think

    it's amazing that people waste their time discussing the importance of a graduation robe. Or the color of said robe. People, go do something productive.

    • but...

      finals are over. What else are we supposed to do?

    • ummm

      you're only saying that cause you go to barnard

      • barnard grad  

        you're all just jealous because our robes were free!

        but seriously, we take part in the university commencement, so our robes are the same. i don't care if you hate barnard and don't think we go to your school, but my diploma is signed by lee bollinger so what do you have to say to that? believe me, i'm the first person to make the distinction that i go to barnard and not columbia. i have never claimed to be a columbia student nor do i ever intend to, even though i've probably taken more columbia classes than barnard ones (one of my majors is strictly taught at columbia). but we are still included in the university commencement and are recognized as a university affiliate so our robes are the same. deal. with. it.

        yeah 2010! oh and meryl was fantastic--another reason to be jealous.

  4. Anonymous

    Ellie McNamara you rock my world

  5. Anonymous  

    yay Emma, Isabel, and Tovah!!!

  6. Anonymous

    when should most grades be out?

    Captcha: exchange demands

  7. Anonymous

    Who. Is. The. Pretty. Blonde. Girl. At. The. Right?

  8. Anonymous  

    If you want your grades to be put into the system fast, then just tell all your professors that you are a graduating senior and the will have to hurry. The problem is, this only really works once with every faculty member.

    But for the real senior year, it got my grades in two days before class day.

  9. What

    are the green ropes that some people have on their shoulders?

  10. hahahahahaha

    "are marshals. If you get out of line and try to disrupt the ceremony, they can lasso you back."

    NOT FUNNY try again...FAIL

  11. Anonymous  

    Don't hate...Barnard is an outstanding school and my daughter was a marshall which is an honor, so back off of your my school is better high horse. BTW she still has her lasso and she will wrangle you!

  12. I'm

    pretty sure Columbia has marshals too, if the yellow ropes on some of the graduates' shoulders represent the same thing as the green ropes do.

  13. confused  

    wtf??? blue, columbia robes? a disgrace, a scandal!

  14. bc10

    what were the flowers for? they were so pretty, i wanted one!

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