What’s That Chanting?

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2010, if you’re reading this in the middle of PrezBo’s speech, you kids look great out there. Want to know what that chanting was during MiMoo’s speech? About 30 construction workers were protesting CBA (Community Benefits Agreement) which will be, according to its Blogspot, “a private contract between a developer and a community coalition that sets forth the benefits that the community will receive from the development. Common benefits include living wages, local hiring and training programs, affordable housing, environmental remediation and funds for community programs.” Protesters were shouting “Hey, ho, CBA has got to go!”

Pictures of protest and Class Day to follow shortly. PrezBo is talking about Montaigne, gotta go!

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  1. In the audience

    Cliff Massey is the biggest tool I've ever heard!

  2. In the audience

    Because it is even lamer and holier than my middle school graduation.

    Mimoo actually referenced Ferris Buehler. I'm embarrassed.

  3. Not in the Audience  

    I'm more embarrassed that you don't know how to spell Bueller!

  4. grammar could use some


  5. faux pas

    Massey implicitly informed the keynote speaker that he was not a popular choice of the students. "I told you he'd be good."


  6. CC2010 alum

    I'm currently enjoying lunch with my family--and waiting or the food to arrive--But let ne say that I had a great time today at class day, and wish the protestors picked another day to protest. Everyone's speeches were great. I love MMA's speech and cliffs too!

    Congrats 2010!

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