Even Better than “Balloon Boy”

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Purposeless after finals, Bwog stumbled across video of Joey Goldberg singing the national anthem at this year’s Commencement. It brought a tear to even our most cynical of eyes.  Here’s the official University footage of Commencement 2010.  Joey starts singing at about 45 seconds in.

The university’s official Youtube channel is full of videos from graduation ceremonies this year. Happy summer and congratulations again to the Class of 2010!

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  1. ya if he's so great

    how come he didn't make american idol????
    OK, so maybe he's not that good and won't become famous

  2. Anonymous

    What's with this hate? Why are people on Bwog so damn ridiculous?!!

    Joey isn't remotely a douche, American Idol is a JOKE (they've started casting a television show, and not looking for the most talented auditions), and he did a really wonderful job with the National Anthem. Congratulations to Joey on graduating, and chasing his dreams.

  3. loved him

    as did the crowd

  4. Anonymous

    joey goldberg is an amazing person and has a great voice!!!

  5. alum

    Grace Lee CC08 sings the most amazing anthem!

  6. what what?

    "they’ve started casting a television show, and not looking for the most talented auditions"

    have you ever watched the show? and if joey has such a great personality why didn't he make it?

    Your argument makes no sense.

  7. Anonymous


  8. anonymous

    i thought he sang extremely well

  9. Anonymous

    Joey did a better job than the girl at GS Class Day. A little pitchy, bro. Yikes.

  10. Anonymous

    nice censorship, bwog. prezbo would disapprove.

  11. Anonymous

    he is talented...but the national anthem clearly isn't his forte.

  12. anonymous

    bwog...i miss you. hope summer is going well.

  13. Anonymous

    Aw, that was pretty heartwarming. I think the "pitchy"-ness people were talking about could probably be contributed to nervousness/emotion. Jesus, I can't imagine how nerve-wracking it would be to sing at commencement.

    Question: How is the national anthem singer chosen?

  14. Anonymous

    YAY JOEY!!!!

    WE (your beloved EC suitemates) LOVE YOU!!

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