Call for Measure for Measure!

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The Blue and White is looking for poems and short fiction for our upcoming issues.  We’re also investigating the possibility of publishing personal essays with some sort of Columbia/New York spin (broad thinking encouraged): help convince us and send some our way at [email protected]

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  1. confused alum

    How come the "Measure for Measure" tag doesn't link to your review of last semester's production of that play?

  2. Anonymous

    "Shalini" - short fiction with Columbia/New York spin. It's an inspiring story that deserves a wider audience than it got through the Awaaz magazine.

    page 43

  3. Harmony Hunter

    i wrote an essay

  4. WTF!

    I tried sending my poems in and it declines ur email telling me that the domain does not exist! Please help! I want to share my work despite the unknown fact of how good or bad it really is


    • Jesus Christ....  

      ....Calm down.

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

      [email protected] for the time being!

  5. Anonymous

    may incoming undergrads for 2010 submit or must one already be a current student?

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