FoodStuffs: Good News for Vegetarians; Bad News for New York

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Save food trucks! Photo via MidtownLunch's flickr stream

Good news first: Zen Palate, a reasonably priced Asian-fusion-y (contemporary, right?) vegetarian restaurant is opening on 105th and Broadway. Zen Palate is replacing Metisse, a French-Brazilian-something-fusion restaurant. ZP has yam fries as well as weird and enticing kinds of tea. Read the menu here. Construction has just started, but hopefully it’ll be ready come NSOP.

Bad news second: NYC food trucks are in danger! City Council members Jessica Lappin (from the UES, duh) and Karen Koslowitz (from Queens) have proposed a bill that would give the Health Department the right to revoke the permit of any food truck that gets more than 3 parking tickets a year. The owner of Wafels & Dinges tells Gothamist that he gets ~3 tickets a month. The foodie blog consensus is that if the bill is passed, food trucks are dunzo. Nom^3, we barely knew yee! The bill only includes food trucks, not food carts, but it still demands action. Read the bill here, write or call Lappin and Koslowitz and tell them to spend their time doing something useful and  not detrimental to New York food and street life, visit the Facebook group here, and sign the petition against the bill here. Vive la food truck!

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  1. ugh

    copy edit! the councilmember's name is Jessica Lappin. like in her website...which you managed to spell correctly.

  2. GS'12

    Yes! Zen Palate is THE BOMB!

  3. for realz?

    you fixed one of two mentions. LAPPIN.

  4. oh man  

    would that apply to ice cream trucks too though? what will summer here be without mr softee?

  5. what!!!

    Both are good news. I'm tired of driving around campus and having all those damn trucks block my way. This will free up the roads. Thank your gods!

  6. Jason K

    Your link for councilperson Koslowitz doesn't work, but here's here facebook page:

    Everybody go spam it! (you have to 'like' her to post)

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