1. Anonymous

    The boys you meet at barnard might be a little disappointing

  2. Anonymous

    hahaha I think the girl that wrote GOING HOME already realized that she probably would NOT be meeting hot boys ...

  3. ...  

    Actually the Barnard Pre-College Program is co-ed. Just sayin'.

  4. Anonymous

    i feel so curious about what that cut off word ending in "IPS" might be....maybe "dancing for TIPS," or "nip SLIPS..." the possibilities are endless.

  5. haha

    maybe they want to go home because its barnard....

  6. I just laughed

    obnoxiously at my internship at this. My job is obviously riveting.

  7. I hear...

    ... doing PCP when you're a teenager seriously messes you up.

  8. Anonymous

    the arrow from "are you crazy" should really be pointing at the "meeting hot boys" remark more than anything

  9. actually,

    i think it says "not going home." It's going home with a line through it (like a non-smoking sign). sry to ruin your fun.

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