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It’s summer, and it’s that magical time of year when things change and you come back next year only to think, “Hey, when did this happen?” Well, now is when!

Lerner Renovation: First and foremost, the plans and models we saw back in May for a new Lerner 4th Floor, home to the new Center for Student Advising, are finally beginning to materialize in real life. Prefrosh about to take Gateway next year, take note… this is how it’s done. The changes to Lerner have also caused the Office of Multicultural Affairs to relocate to Lerner 5.

Pupin Scaffolding: Mysterious scaffolding has shown up on Pupin; we’re assuming it’s for some sort of routine cleaning, but if you have a better idea of what’s going on, be sure to let us know in the comments.

“Premium Rush” Filming: This one stars our very own Alma Mater, folks! Well, sorta. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this film about “a bike messenger [who] picks up a package at Columbia University and subsequently catches the attention of a dirty cop.” Close enough, Alma! A tipster informed us that they are filming today at 116th and Morningside–could they possibly encroach on campus grounds soon? Let us know if you see/hear anything!

Starbucks Gets Fancier: We’ve been tipped that the Starbucks on 114th is now shinier and all-around snazzier. Now the environment you sit in can send just as bold of a message as that frap in your hand. If you have any pictures of these renovations, please send them along to [email protected].

We Getting Slang Soon: Seeing as these aren’t exactly terms we hear on campus on a daily basis, there are some big changes coming to our lexicon. Huffington Posts documents a bunch of college slang that we can only assume every other place of higher education in America uses. Remember incoming shmen, don’t skip your gut classes and blitz us with tips!

Lerner photos by HEH, Pupin photo by Daniel Sims

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  1. Slang

    A lot of those slang terms have a different meaning at CU. For instance, a turkey dump is what happens after thanksgiving dinner at john jay.

  2. Alum

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt went to CC, though I don't think he graduated. I'm kind of surprised that he's filming today, since this is opening day for "Inception". He's not the star of that film, but he has a major supporting role. Shouldn't he be publicizing it?

  3. poopin' in pupin

    The roof on Pupin is most likely being redone. There have been leaks (actually more like floods) from the ceiling on some of the top floors after rainstorms these past couple of years.

  4. excuse me

    i believe the term is "floorcest"

  5. Seriously?  

    "Gut class"? Cutting edge college slang? First heard that 20 years ago...

  6. JGL!  

    Anyone know if he'll be filming around campus soon? Seems odd that he signed on for a movie filming now in New York, as I'm sure he's doing the worldwide "Inception" press gambit (why wouldn't he?). Regardless, I've been a huge fan of JGL for a long time now, and would love to spot the movie in progress. Aaron Tveit is also attached, if anyone just looking for double eye candy...

  7. another alum  

    That's plausible enough, but it's still a supposition. It's also plausible that going to school part time would afford him more flexibility to read scripts for future projects, take meetings, and/or do other things that a well-known working actor does. In any event, someone who actually cares should write to the alumni office/the registrar/whoever to get the correct info and update WikiCU, Wikipedia, etc.

    • another alum  

      sorry, meant to reply to Alum above

    • Alum

      Sure it's plausible, but where is the evidence that it happened? As far as I can tell, the only source is WikiCU which does not cite any of its sources. Since it is provable that JGL entered as a College student I think we should presume he didn't switch to GS unless we see evidence that he did.

      • ha ha

        to be fair, wikicu cites sources in many articles, just not nearly all. also, sometimes it's a feedback loop with someone reading something on bwog or some other throwaway and just adding a line to wikicu. Sometimes it's based on deduction (older student enrolls at columbia as a part time undergrad for the first time? smells like GS!) but i'm just speculating here.

  8. Alum

    JGL came to Columbia directly from high school and arrived as a full-time student in the College. He was the same age as other first-years. As far as I know, he never became a part-timer and never switched to GS.

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