Keep Ya Panties On: The PINK Challenge

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Wait just a second!

It’s August, and the countdown has begun. School will, one day not so far from today, start again, and you will need new underwear for the new semester.

More bad news: we, Columbia’s undergraduate population, the very fiber of our school, have failed again in taking steps to¬†increase campus pride,¬†foster any sense of conventional collegiate rah-rah-ness,¬†and to make our return to Alma any easier.

Columbia has claimed the #56 slot in Victoria’s Secret’s PINK “Show Your School Spirit” (via your boldly colored PINK undies)¬†challenge. Luring online shoppers with two models that stand before the slogan “Be True to Your School,” PINK has done quite a job at soliciting universities across the nation to participate in an online competition to brand their panties with their school name.

In the lead, with 113,523 votes (and female population of 47%) is Johns Hopkins University, followed by Cornell with 100,158. Brown has reared its unconventional behind at number 13 and Princeton is making us shine at 226.

Do not be fooled. Petty¬†statistics are not our main concern, as there are already an ample amount of students voting and working to mass-produce undergarments with “CU” (that’s Colorado University).

That CU has been so successful that PINK encourages its online fans to “Meet Our Campus Reps.”¬† Here’s what the CU peer leaders have to say for themselves:Michelle: What is the BEST thing about college right now? The best thing is… living with all my best friends and having the opportunity to meet new people. Describe your PINK style My PINK style is… Wearing a PINK beach cover-up dress with flip flops and a PINK bikini underneath.

Caroline: What is the BEST thing about college right now? The best thing is… having the opportunity to meet new people and experience so many great adventures! Describe your PINK style My PINK style is… Colorful and laidback. A bright tee with skinny jeans is my favorite outfit! :)

Kaitlyn: What is the BEST thing about college right now? The best thing is… having all my friends close by-there is always something fun going on! Describe your PINK style My PINK style is… laid back with bling, I’m a sucker for a pair of PINK sweats with a sparkly design!

Get your shit together, Columbia!

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  1. What, no Barnard?

    Oh right, they don't wear panties.

  2. i see

    what you did there

  3. ...  

    so bwog, since summer is pretty much over,would it be possible for you guys to set up one of those daily countdown things like you had last year, except this one counts down to december 24th, or whatever ridiculous day this stupid school decided to finish up exams?

    there's something about looking forward to the end of the semester before it has even started that pretty much sums up my feelings about this school. i suspect i'm not alone.

  4. be true to your school

    rah rah rah rah shish boom bah

  5. Lost V Card

    If found please return to [email protected]/asm...

    • Looks like...

      someone made her owl hoot! I knew that wasn't bird poop on her cheek. Boy, The Thinker is gonna be pissed when he hears that someone pulled a robbery on his girl...

  6. I came, I saw, I conquered

    ...And then I came again" - from over-zealous Asian tourist

    Gives a whole new meaning to "flash" photography, hehe.
    In Alma's defense, she was "stoned" and the tourist probably spent one too many hours apart from his life-size blow-up doll of Tsunade from Naruto.

  7. We all seem to forget  

    That this post is related to panties and whatnot.

  8. Anonymous

    panties is the grossest word ever

  9. panty_lover

    We're up to #28!

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