Things That Happened On Thursday

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A few things of note happened on campus today.

First, a man named Bryan sat in a kiddie pool and splashed around outside Hamilton. Why’d ya do it, Bry?

Then, embattled Congressman Charlie Rangel provided the keynote speech at the NYC Economic Development Luncheon in Roone. His speech was entitled “The status of the National Small Business Legislation,” but he spoke mostly about Wall Street greed and about the controversy surrounding his 13 ethics violations. Robert Kasdin, Senior Vice President of Columbia, was there too, to talk to small business owners in Harlem about Manhattanville. The audience applauded with each statistic: 6,000 new University jobs, 1,200 construction jobs, and so on.

Next, a bunch of campers ran up and down the Lerner ramps sending orange paper airplanes to the lobby.

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  1. Seriouslaa you guys?

    Did you run out of interesting things to report? How is this shit newsworthy?

    • nox

      don't be suck a grump! it's august, it's a lot more exciting checking bwog and having there be new posts, even if they're about inane campus goings-on. makes me look forward to getting out of the suburbs and back to a place where random shit happens.

  2. In the words of Tony Kushner

    In the 21st century I think everyone will be insane.

  3. Anonymous  

    Brian is the man.

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