1. Anonymous

    "Don't tell them all you got was a lousy t-shirt."

  2. hey hey

    barnard just garnered a mention on mad men!

  3. Mad (Wo)Men  

    OH HEY, DON DRAPER NAME-DROPPED BARNARD TONIGHT. Well, at least Barnard in 1964...

  4. Anonymous

    Don Draper dated a 'beautiful, strong' Barnard woman, and she dumped him.

  5. The college admissions process...

    Is retarded.

    • seriously

      it's unfortunate that mom is right and that girl DOES need to remember to tell them that she went to rwanda...seriously, you can't get anywhere in the college admissions system without basically being a braggy asshole about how fucking unique you are.

      • And then

        you go out into the real world and realize that in your coveted internship, only a few of the actual employees actually hail from an ivy league university, even in finance. just my experience.

      • balarky

        if you went to rwanda and actually did anything there that was at all mildly helpful to anyone or anything except for your own resume, you would probably not need to be reminded to tell a college admission board about it.

        people who are truly qualified to go to a university have no need to brag. their qualifications speak for them.

  6. It's

    irritating that people do such things in the pursuit of rewards as superficial as getting into the colleges of their choice. Useful-- no doubt beneficial to those in need. But still irritating.

  7. me

    Would work better at Cornell School of Hotel Administartion. How many other applicants have been to the Hotel Rwanda?

  8. honey

    \don't forget to tell them about your 5 hour internship at Goldman Sachs and how you saved that child from poverty by teaching him math that afternoon\

  9. lol

    as if thats gonna help her get a better admission hahaha

  10. CC  

    Please, it's barnard. admissions, like the girls, will take anyone.

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