Hipsters Rejoice: Rompers for All!

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That’s right, Urban Outfitters has officially landed in the Upper West Side–on Broadway near 100th street. It’s still above 96th. That means it’s close! This is sure to give the 110th-based American Apparel a run for its money in the formerly uncontested onesie/bodysuit market (Playboy Bunny costume sales from Ricky’s don’t count).

These are hipsters. Photo via ret0dd's Photostream.

But if you were worried about UO’s arrival corrupting the serene character of the UWS, never fear! This UO masquerades as four separate storefronts–a hat store, a hardware store, a neighborhood bar, and a bodega. According to Ron Pompei, the creative director of Pompei A.D., the firm that designed the store, “The whole idea was to do this kind of ironic statement of lining the building with storefronts that would be reminiscent of independent businesses. It’s the story about the streets of New York as they once were.” Oh, hipsters and their ironic facades (in this case, we mean the architectural ones). Just stick with clever t-shirts and go back to Billyburg.

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  1. Williamsburg Native

    The only people shopping at AA and the up and coming UO above 96th (hell, even above 23rd) will be all you stupid transplants.

  2. Oh NO

    The only thing UO is going to attract are smelly, fixed rent, hippies. Also My comment is on top now.

  3. russki

    um, there's been an urban outfitters on the UWS for a long time - on 72nd and broadway.

  4. All right, kiddos

    Let's be real - Urban Outfitters is not cool, or hip, or whatever. What it is is just another, and a nicer, alternative to Gap and Banana Republic. It's good to bring at least one cheap chain aimed at college-aged kids to the area. Cheap tights, shoes, and basics galore!

  5. I wonder

    if this location would be getting as much flack if it was a Rugby or something of that sort opening up. Probably not since it's sooooo much easier to hate on hipsters than preps.

    recapcha: yeah indeed

  6. ew

    i rather have to deal with hipsters than preps, I thought we were past the 90s

  7. Anonymous

    I'm actually really happy about this. Finally a place to shop for clothes in the neighborhood besides American Apparel.

    And hipsters really aren't that bad. They are better than most other subcultures. If you're going to pick a category that shows how terrible our culture has become, try guidos.

  8. Nope.

    I disagree. I would rather fist pump the night away with a smiley, sleazy guido than chain smoke sullenly with a \better-than-thou\ hipster while swaying to obscure music.

    But anyway. Urban Outfitters is awesome, and I'm NOT a hipster. I've never bought an item of clothing there for over 15 bucks- I've got an excellent eye for sales.

  9. J

    What the neighborhood could really use is a Uniqlo! Cheap jeans and free in-store tailoring!

  10. hobo

    omg this is beautiful. life is complete.

    but wait, nobody wants to be a hipster anymore....

  11. CC '14'

    Hey, have you guys heard of this cool new band called Animal Collective?

    dat irony when bwog talks about the 'hipsters' like bwog isnt one.

    • Yep. Nailed it!

      You guys pretend not to be hipsters despite personifying it down to the "don't shower"-aspect (yep... all you guys fucking smell / funk up Butler)

      Standard hipster-(transplant)-mentality.

    • Anonymous

      Loved the music poll, funniest post of the year. LOCK OF THE YEAR: Bwog's favorite album the next time they do the poll will be Best Coast-Crazy For You.

  12. alum  

    but UO has been around since before the advent of hipsters. Well before.
    I first stepped into one in 1990, probably in Harvard Square. (Yes: it's ickiness well predates the development of the hipster.)

  13. Finally

    ppl looking normal unlike the white, preppy, homogeneous trash we see all over CU & Barnyard

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