The Calm Before the Storm

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International and West Coast freshmen moved in today, campus was calm in the afternoon. Tomorrow, it will be 95 degrees and absolutely insane. Two scenes from the last quiet Sunday till winter break:

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  1. Good Luck Freshmen

    I hope your first year is bright, I hope you take a big gulp of all that you can learn here, both in and out of the classroom. Remember, you are freshmen, it's ok to ask where the mailboxes are or other "silly" questions. Any question whose answer will make your life easier, ask, the worst that can happen is someone will tell you they won't answer or you'll find out who are the one or two assholes here, either way, ask, we are all here to help you, we were all scared freshmen once, we all didn't know how to fill a prescription or deal with being sick on our own. Nothing silly, nothing is stupid. In fact, I challenge you to be silly, let loose, most people around here are chill.

    I just wish I could move in early like you, this will be the most unproductive week ever for me.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, they are random anyway and I'm sure the bwog team won't mind having an open thread.

    • ditto

      Hear hear. If you're a freshman reading bwog at the moment, I'm going to assume you've read quite a bit of bwog over the past several months, and may be taken aback by what (from some comment sections) seems to be an incredibly cynical and rude group of people. The veil of anonymity brings out the worst in everyone. In person, most of us are actually pretty nice people (tinged with a healthy dose of that cynicism, of course :-) Get ready for one of the most interesting years of your life!

    • I don't recall

      anyone having to "fill a prescription" unless they were an MD or something. You must be SEAS.

      • False

        Freshman year will be your only exciting year. By sophomore year and on, save yourself and head to NYU or something, where your new circle of friends are just awesomer. No one really cares about your opinions in Lit Hum or CC, and you will find at least one annoying kid answering questions in class. U. Writing is a fucking waste of time, because you don't learn anything, (the way you wrote before = the way you write after [taking UW]). Frontiers is even a bigger waste of time because no one really cares about poor people or the environment...So how do you keep a positive perspective on things? Find yourself a hobby and keep it away from campus as possible. Finals stressing you? Get a girlfriend. If you're gonna do something wrong, don't get caught. Have something completely inappropriate to say? Post it on Bwog.

    • Anonymous

      - Go to the activities fair. Join a club. Sign up for the many mailing lists.
      - For SEAS: Gateway sucks. You will not be saving the world, you will not create a viable project, you will not be helping anyone at all. It's a thinly disguised corporate training seminar that you need to grin and bear.
      - If you haven't been there, go there.
      - UWriting is a waste of time.
      - You're in no rush to immediately take Music Hum or Art Hum. You've got four years.
      - Interested in visual arts classes, but it's not your major? Good luck trying to get in.
      - Just because you're registered for that really popular elective class via SSOL, doesn't mean that you're actually in it. On the first day, SHOW UP.
      - Also, gym classes start a week later.
      - We have a top notch history department. Take at least one class there.
      - Join marching band.
      - Your student advisor dean is clueless. Do your own research beforehand on class requirements and then go to them for confirmation.
      - Most important: Columbia is composed of many bureaucratic and autonomous fiefdoms. You must be persistent, and you must be aware of the powers and limitations of each fiefdom that you interact with. And always get it in writing.

    • Anonymous

      Getting sick for the first time by yourself is disorienting and surprisingly hard to deal with.

      The first time I got sick was about a month into the school year, and I had swine flu. All I did was sleep for 3 days straight.

      Also, be sure to keep in touch with your parents! It grounds you and is always comforting. Once every few weeks is good enough.

  2. well

    i love you all, good luck, ask for help, talk to your floormates, make friends with your professors, do your homework, and go to parties every thursday, friday, saturday night

  3. nostalgia

    damn do i miss freshman year. it was so simple. comforting.... enjoy it while you can.

  4. Anonymous

    does anyone know where to check in tomorrow when we get there?

  5. lala

    nsop week is the best week of semester. the only time youll ever get to do whatever you want whenever you want cause the week after that classes start, work piles up and the stress ensues.

    get acquainted with campus, eat at kornets, get lost on the subway, its all good.

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