Freshpeople: Get There Early Tomorrow

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NSOP week will be hot! Waiting for 45 minutes for a John Jay elevator to take you, your mom and your mini-fridge to the 12th floor is going to be no fun anytime after noon tomorrow. And make sure you don’t get one of those awkward Convocation seats in the sun. See you bright and early!

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  1. Senior Knowledge

    I forgot to mention this in the other post, something cool I found out sophomore year (yea it's sad I know). Apparently, it works well with the school's internet service, since you don't have to log in and all. Anyway it's laundryview, you can actually see your shit getting cleaned from your laptop in your room. Or if you'd like to view available washing machines and dryers before actually going there to find all the machines being used up by your fellow freshmen buddies. They even have cool interactive features on the site, like a purposeful ZOOM INTO YOUR WASHING MACHINE feature and ROTATE IT TO SOME ARBITRARY ANGLE mode. This is not only for freshmen obviously since you can view each washing machine in any dorm, (and when i say dorm, I mean residence hall). The website is Try it when you're on campus, it's not lame i promise.

  2. Senior Knowledge part 2

    Soon enough, you'll be printing all sorts of shit - literature for your core classes, ads to sell your services and whatnot, or paper with drawings of genitalia to post on your floormate's door. Well what better way is there to know how much paper you have left in your quota??

    stay tuned for more random shit.

      • Anonymous

        For those of you who haven't discovered this, that's

        $ ssh [email protected]
        $ pages

        Your password is the same as for SSOL / email / etc

      • Anonymous

        For those who have no idea what we're talking about, download this:

        Learn to use Pine. It is the fastest way to access your email.

    • Anonymous

      Print Quota thing is great, but beware of Laundryview. It seemed to work fine for Hartley/Wallach but very inaccurate for John Jay laundry room. Probably works fine in most cases. Also, incoming freshmen and everyone else, please don't leave your clothes in washers or dryers for hours on end. OTHER PEOPLE NEED TO USE THOSE. I no longer feel remorse about dumping your shit out of a dryer onto the laundry table. Not that hard to be there when your shit stops washing/drying

      • Haha

        I actually do the same. But at least I am civil about it, like putting their dry clothes in a bag. Leaving your clothes in an otherwise perfectly available washing machine/dryer is so annoying.

    • helpful sophomoreperson

      Lesson #17 from too much flyering:

      Print quotas are meant to be broken. Print from the terminal, wait till it sends to the printer, restart the terminal. Watch as the pages emerge. Voila!

      Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that if you print to a Columbia printer with a connection you set up from your own computer (eg. your quota is not affected since your Columbia account is not associated with that connection.

    • ...

      here's a lil' secret: type the full hostname for a printer into your browser and it will serve you up a page that shows you the status of the printer. good for not wasting time sending jobs to printers, only to walk up and discover that the printer is busted/jammed/otherwise fucked up.

  3. annoying freshperson question

    what time can we begin moving in tomorrow mornings?

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