Your New NSOP 2010 Theme: Absurdism

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The NSOP 2010 theme has, we hear, been altered. Instead of The Odyssey, our NSOP spies inform us that it’s…2001, uh, make that 2010: A Space Odyssey.

Apparently, much distress was caused by Bwog’s call of CC-centrism. Despite the fact that the NSOP t-shirts and NSOP schedule books seem to be dominated by the theme of birds (white, Classical-looking birds on the shirts, and black, Twitter-looking birds in the books) and not by apes, or the future, or science fiction, or aliens, or the dawn of mankind, or anything remotely related to the Kubrick 1968 film, this is your new theme. In short, this year’s NSOP theme is nothing.

NSOP committee friends– we were joking! It’s okay! Everything is going to be fine! The Odyssey is a famous book even if you’re an engineer. Or, as one erudite Bwogger (in SEAS) put it this morning, “I mean, who hasn’t read Homer, anyway?!”

Two other new NSOP treats: Consent is Sexy is no more. It’s now the more literal “Keep Sex Sexy.” Coordinators get “Keeping Sex Sexy” shirts– gimme! OLs can also be graded by their groups on the NSOP website; the two OLs with the best reviews get tickets to the Lion King.

Update: So we’ll get the scoop from NSOP now, but in the meantime, there is an actual 2010: Odyssey Two book.

A clip from Convocation, new-theme style:

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  1. Sweet  

    I didn't know my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-greeat-great-great-grandmother came to commencement

  2. You Guys

    Are posting shit way too frequently. No one will read or comment on older posts because they'd be sooooo last minute or so.

    Just a suggestion.

  3. John  

    Well, the back of the shirts do have a pterodactyl on them. That means 2001 a Space Odyssey to me much more than the Odyssey. And, while Bwog may pride itself on a large ego, your claim that you actually changed the theme is far-fetched. lol

  4. 2010: Odyssey Two

    but nobody cares about that book.

  5. Lolz:  

    As if the NSOP theme was changed since you posted this. It's been the same theme the whole time, you guys were just WRONG.

  6. Lolol  

    Lol you guys do realize it's "2010: Your NSOP odyssey", right? It says so on the t-shirts and in the schedule book...

  7. I hate that movie!

    As a Film major, the Space Odyssey is CRAP. You guys scared me soooo bad!!!!

  8. ...  

    open the troy bay doors please, hal.

  9. the NSOP committee...

    is spineless and incompetent. clearly.

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