Dear Bwog: Naked People Edition

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Dear Bwog,

Is it acceptable to hang my super hot poster of Jenna Haze’s ass crack on my wall?


Dear Bro,

Please, no naked chicks. There’s really no need to splash your horniness all over your walls. It’s college! Go tap the real thing.

But this isn’t just a heteronormative gendered issue. (Fun fact: the default answer in all University Writing discussions is “gender is a social construct!”) Edward pics are off limits too. Those tear-out Cosmo Girl posters were acceptable at sleep away camp, but you’re a Cosmopolitan woman now.

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  1. ...

    Do people actually own posters of Jenna Haze? No wonder my walls have seemed so lacking.

  2. Acceptable:

    naked chicks from 19th century impressionists.

  3. Anonymous

    It's not acceptable because some femi-nazi who thinks she's hot shit now that's she's a freshman in college will bitch about it.

  4. posters

    It is not only acceptable to have posters with nudity, but only if its full frontal male.

  5. A sexy

    Robert Pattinson poster???!!! Thanks for the great tip Bwog! I can't wait to hang it!

  6. '11

    Dear Bwog,

    Screw you and your snobbish notion that we here at Columbia are somehow above the rest of college kids across the country. I will proudly display my poster of Tera Patrick bent over and gladly splash my horniness (and other things) all over my walls.

    • CC'14

      Columbia students aren't more sophisticated, smarter and entirely better than the average college student? Guess I'll just go home then...

      • Yea

        Stay home retard. How would you know what the average college student is like, you're not even in college yet.

        • ...

          *hits track* you're a tool, and you don't have to know anything about the average college student to expect Columbia students to be in general significantly smarter, more sophisticated and more successful.

          • You are

            a slipper..Yes I used a random word generator on the internet as well.

            The only reason why Columbia students appear to be more successful is not only because they drop 200 grand on tuition, but because the classes are incredibly lame and easy as well, and professors love to hand out passing grades. No wonder everyone is graduating - the academic material is no different from that of state or city universities. Yes, any idiot can look at a chart and see graduation rates, and relative successful-ness, but to actually know what the average college student is like, despite how they are portrayed in the media or in films, I would have to say you would have to be on a college campus and find out for yourself.

          • You've

            obviously never taken a class at Columbia. Still nursing your ego after your rejection letter arrived in the mail?

      • '11

        Please do go home. After 3 years at Columbia I am thoroughly sick of people like you. Understand that you aren't here because you are "better" than everyone else at state schools, you just worked harder and probably have a bit of talent.

        A little humility will take you a long way, especially because it's not expected.

  7. Yo

    Who's the genius who changed the theme from "Consent is Sexy" to "Keep Sex Sexy?!?!?!"
    Two different frieken things!!! I've been using the former to pick up mad chicks for the past 3 years.

  8. ;oabvsw

    Hey ya'll, you're using the word 'heteronormative' incorrectly. Both of the scenarios you're talking about are hetero.

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