Wake Up And Learn Things With Bwog, Round 2

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The gentlemen of the Blue & White, in 2003

This morning, your Blue & White advice comes from the 19th century.

  • “In conclusion let a word of warning be given to all who are about to begin their work in the School of Mines. Whatever course you may select, stick to it. Every one is good, and if you desire success after graduation remember that ‘ability is the measure of success and salary.’” —From “Advice to Mines Freshmen,” The Blue and White, Vol. III No. I (1892)
  • “Our advice to newcomers and those of old who may need it, is to enter thoroughly into the spirit of the system now established here. If they are unfamiliar with the best manner of doing this, the instructors will only be too glad to put them in the way of it. To all who will act in reasonable accordance with these principles The Blue and White extends a welcome free from foreboding.”—From “Advice to Freshmen,” The Blue and White, Vol. III No. I (1892)

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  1. Dammit

    What has happened to our beautiful language?

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