The Oracle is a Bust

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CULPA Home PageIn May of last semester, CULPA came out with the Oracle, an algorithm that hoped to achieve the impossible–to predict the scheduling of Core Curriculum professors. For those wishing to avoid blindly selecting their Core courses, the Oracle stood as a beacon of hope.

Unfortunately, when put to its first test this semester, the Oracle’s results proved to be no better than Professor Trelawney’s. In CULPA’s own words, “they were almost completely useless.” Only the predictions for Music Humanities presented a statistically significant degree of confidence.

But the good people of CULPA are resilient! Though this first attempt at divination may have failed, the CULPA team will not give up on cracking the mysterious Core scheduling code and plans to release a new algorithm later this semester. You can read a full statement from the CULPA team here, and if you’re into that kind of thing, you can check out all the fancy numbers here.

In case the Oracle let you down and who you thought was your gold nugget LitHum professor is actually the Trunchbull, never fear! CULPA has just come out with a new tutoring marketplace to supply you with upperclassmen who can answer all of your questions about kleos and Achilles’ apotheosis. CULPA’s really got your back! If you’re interested in helping your fellow struggling Columbians, sign up to be a tutor.

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