Profs Say The Darndest Things And We Want To Hear About Them

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  1. oh god  

    Barnard Organic Chemistry II with Dina Merrer:
    "Your first quiz is in 12 days...Wow, I do not want to be taking this class."

  2. Chem-E  

    This class will make you masters of the world... It's important to learn so that what you design as an engineer doesn't kill anyone... inadvertently *then pauses with funny little grin* engineers can do anything - Marco Castaldi

  3. Dickens, Thackeray, Eliot

    Nicholas Dames, on his English lecture being in 329 Pupin:
    "Senior year of high school, I vowed to myself never to set foot in a physics classroom again. But Columbia is good at making you break promises."

  4. Shakespeare I  

    James Schapiro:
    \So do any of you think you might be a twin but separated at birth? ...How many of you were once attached to another zygotic body in the womb but your fraternal brother or sister was then absorbed by you?\

  5. Zulu

    "Logic is better than nothing. Nothing is better than sex. Therefore, logic is better than sex!"
    -Achille Varzi, Symbolic Logic

  6. Anonymous

    Gregory Amenoff, while watching hordes line up for Photo I: "Photo's a hobby. Printmaking is art."

  7. Another from Symbolic Logic  

    "All wizzles are fizzles
    All fizzles are gizzles
    Therefore, all wizzles are gizzles"
    Achille Varzi

  8. Principles of Econ

    Final rule: you are allowed to sleep in class, but you are not allowed to snore. -- Padma Desai

  9. LitHum  

    Whatever you guys learned in your dorm getting along things last week was NOT going on between Agamemnon and Achiles
    -Bruce King

  10. Intro to Accounting & Finance

    They [Investment Bankers] get money on the way in, they get money on the way out. They're heartless parasites.

    -Anthony Webster.

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