Don’t Tell the EcoReps

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Looks like the trees on Philosophy lawn got a makeover.

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  1. Anonymous

    Columbia should be ashamed about how they treat our trees. When a branch broke off a tree in front of Earl in 08' they cut down the tree and the one next to it. The least they could have done was recycled the wood for Prezbo's fireside chats, but instead they continually use the chipper to chop up our trees. From that point, the least they could do is use the woodchips for landscaping, but instead they shoot it straight into a waste removal truck. Another example of the do as we say, not as we do mentality, Al Gore would be proud.


    10 Mbps Internet. Fuck Furnald.

  3. Lerner Pub  



  4. well actually

    removing limbs from trees is really important for the overall health, safety, and longevity of the tree. if you just let a tree go all akimbo it will often grow in such a way that necessitates the removal of the tree due to its man-made environment. prudent trimming and limb removal will allow for careful directional growing and allow the tree to live a longer and happier life! three cheers for responsible urban forestry!

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