Free Dinner at Mel’s!

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  1. wat  

    First experience at Mel's today: not worth the $

    Veggie burger + fries = $14.50

  2. Anonymous  

    I just e-mailed Zagat about 70 e-mails, guessing every number 650-720. If I don't win it's a crime. If I win, it's a crime.

  3. Anonymous

    Since when did people start pronouncing the number 100 as "undred." That would be the only way that it would be appropriate to refer to "an $100 gift certificate." In American English, the "H" in hundred is pronounced; thus, this should be written as such, "a $100 gift certificate." Next thing you know, bwog is going to start using "on line" instead of "in line."

  4. Anonymous  

    If you like very small wayyy over priced and wayyy over cooked burgers... enjoy!

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