Poster Sale!

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Attention first years! Bwog knows you’ve probably grown tired of the drabness of your Carman prison cell dorm room, but we have good news! There is currently a poster sale being held on College Walk to supply you with all of your wall-adorning needs. Get ready to grapple with one of the toughest questions of first year–how to decorate. Do you hang up a movie poster? Your favorite album cover? A map? These bits of paper will define your identity to all those who enter your home, including friends, parents, and one-night stands. Choose wisely, friends.


  1. Posters, we got posters  

    There was a poster vendor on campus last week who was prominently displaying Klimt's "The Kiss." All I could think of was the Buffy season 4 premiere, "The Freshman."

  2. sigh....  

    Vince and Jules <3

  3. anon  

    i bought a poster at the sale today that said "welcome to the party" with pictures of lenin, stalin, mao zedong, and castro partying it up. some guy came up to me while i was buying the poster and said, "why don't you get a poster of hitler while you're at it? bastard!". he socked me in the arm and walked away...oh columbia...

    • Zulu

      When you say "Oh, Columbia" are you referring to yourself? I mean, dude. You bought an ironic poster of dictators. What did you expect?
      On an unrelated note, AS SEEN ON COLLEGE WALK>POSTERS ON COLLEGE WALK! Bwog, plz bring back ASOCW!

  4. any idea

    how long they'll be there?

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