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It’s helpful to have a job when you’re a broke college student – preferably one that doesn’t require you to take the subway. To help you out on your quest for employment, we did a little legwork and found out who’s hiring in Morningside.

  • Ricky’s (114th & Bway) is looking for all positions, including stylists.
  • American Apparel (109th & Bway) wants you. Don your golden onesie!
  • Vine (116th & Bway) is looking for full- and part-time hostesses and servers with experience.
  • Pinkberry (112th & Bway) is also hiring. If you make a good first impression, the manager might hire you on the spot.
  • Campo (114th & Bway) isn’t actively hiring right now, but we’re told that they will be within the next couple of weeks.
  • Amsterdam Restaurant (119th & Amsterdam) will be hiring within the next two months.
  • Community (113th & Bway) isn’t hiring right this second, but they tell us that the restaurant business changes from moment to moment, so you should probably drop off your resume and application anyway.
  • Amir’s (113th & Broadway) is hiring cashiers. It rhymes!
  • Kitchenette (123rd & Amsterdam), Deluxe (113th & Bway), Le Monde (112th & Bway) and Vareli (112th & Bway) aren’t actively hiring, but applications are welcome.

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  1. cce  

    Get an internship rather that a worthless job at a place around campus.

    • it's that easy!  

      Well, a "worthless" job might actually pay you -- and if you read the top of the article, you'd see these postings are all about getting a little pocket change. Sure, some internships will pay as well, but for simplicity sake, some of these places can't be beat. Get off your high-horse with the "worthless job" thing, too.

    • yeah.  

      because getting coffee and copying files is so much more personally fulfilling than manning a cash register or taking customers' orders? At least the latter pays you.

  2. Anonymous

    ughhh work, its overated

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