An Alternative to Activities Fair

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Maybe you can dress your student group like this.

Columbia has created a University-wide student group website that allows students to browse, join groups, and participate in discussions. Student group leaders can post notes, events, and send messages to their fellow members. Among the most useful tools on the site is the events calendar, which can be filtered using many different criteria (e.g. filter for study break events to score  free food!).

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  1. Escapee

    Did they test this with student group leaders? Did they ask to see what features should be implemented? Did they get feedback and respond to it?

    Or did a "select" committee of students get a sneak peak which they weren't allowed to discuss or offer feedback at and that's it?

    I have no doubt that the intentions of the bureaucracy are good, but I have every reason to question their process. It's 20 fricking 10? They should have been offering something like this 8 years ago.

  2. Anonymous  

    when is the activities fair?

  3. quick question  

    where are event postings on bwog?

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