The Activities Fair Has Begun!

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It’s a million degrees out on Low Plaza, and Bwog’s gallons of Oreos are melting fast. Come get ’em! The Blue and White and Bwog are hanging out at Table 125, right next to the fountain on the Amsterdam side of Low Plaza. Seriously, so many Oreos and tea biscuits.

We’re looking around for the best free food at the fair as we speak. The College Republicans—right across from Bwog—have baguette slices with truffle oil and prosciutto, sparkling water with lime, and cookies. Who said college conservatism was dead?

More updates to come. Leave your favorite Activities Fair free food in the comments.



  1. Anonymous

    Do all the clubs stay there until 6, or do some pack up early and leave before then? Am wondering if I should swing by now or wait until around 5:30.

  2. Anonymous  



  3. serious question

    what happened to the poor Bwog sign attached to the table...?

  4. Culinary Society


  5. Mike

    hey guys, what is the fun club I've been hearing so much about?
    Apparently, it grabbed huge attention and made a big splash

    Can anyone elaborate and describe what the club does and how do I sign up?


  6. Anonymous  

    I know the guys who started it. The Fun Club is a new underground club whose sole purpose is to have a good time.

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