Arrest by Furnald Lawn

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Brandon Christophe tipped us about an arrest on campus. We’ll update you as soon as we get more information, but if you saw or heard anything, please email us at [email protected].

Update: James McShane, Department of Public Safety Vice President, explained what went down. He sent us the following in an email:

I believe that the original incident was a dispute in the soup kitchen at 114th and Broadway. At approximately 11:25 AM, the 26th precinct initiated a foot pursuit. The pursuit began at 114th street and Broadway and the suspect entered on to the Columbia campus. This pursuit was heard by our Operations Center, and Public Safety Units assisted. Upon arrival, the suspect, a non-affiliate, was apprehended and handcuffed. He was removed to the 26th precinct for processing. Several Police cars entered college walk in response to the pursuit.

So basically, someone unaffiliated with Columbia ran onto campus during a police chase, and Columbia Public Safety and the NYPD worked together to catch him. Team work! Kudos to the hardworking people who keep Columbia safe.


  1. Eyewitness Account  

    A man in a blue shirt came sprinting down the sidewalk from the Carman area with two public safety officers (or maybe police?) running a ways behind yelling for someone to stop him. He either tripped or gave up and the first officer (male) pinned him to the ground on the sidewalk near Furnald and handcuffed him. The second officer (female) caught up as she was talking on her radio saying they caught the man. Shortly thereafter, two black unmarked cop cars, an NYPD car, and an NYPD van came screaming down College Walk from the Amsterdam side, and there was a cop pow wow around the man as they led him to the cars. The end.

    (But really - what happened?)

  2. lol  

    brandon christophe... haha.

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