Morningside Pretty Safe; College Students Drink Alcohol

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In the highly likely event that you did not consult your 2010 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report this evening, Bwog has picked out a few highlights for you. Instances of burglary have gone way down in the past few years; the McBain arsonist sets fires no more. Forcible sex offenses almost tripled from last year, though, more than half taking place in res halls. The War on Fun rages on; disciplines for alcohol and drugs have increased every year. But hey, as the old adage goes, can’t stop, won’t stop.

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  1. Anonymous  

    It's too bad there are only three years available -- with more data, we could say whether the forcible sexual offenses statistic was statistically significant.

  2. hyperbolic  

    Bwog, please note that sex offenses went from 5 to 14. Yes, it's almost triple the number but if one did not realize that the number was so small to begin with, they may be misled into believing there's an epidemic of forcible sexual assaults. Use statistics responsibly.

  3. Also

    "Non-campus" - Buildings owned by Columbia that are, well, not on campus. Faculty apartments and the like.
    "Public Property" - streets and sidewalks immediately adjacent to campus

  4. CC'11  

    What are non-forcible sex offenses, and why is nobody doing it?
    Does getting busted banging in the stacks land you a non-forcible sex violation?
    Beating off in class?

  5. arsonists unite!

    we need to get on that, yo!!

  6. Anonymous  

    That rape statistic is alarming.

    I guess that is probably low in context with the national average, but it's strange to think that there are even 15 rapists in our midst. Fucking shape up people.

    • Well  

      Keep in mind that, if a guy has sex with a girl while she is drunk, and she regrets it the next morning, it could be considered 'rape' under New York law.

      Not saying that that makes it any better, but it's something to keep in mind when you're comparing it with, say, other schools in other states which only consider forced sex to be rape.

  7. Anonymous  

    And these are only the ones that are reported.

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