SGA And ESC First Meetings: A Case Of The Logistics

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Caitlin Lynch writes from the year’s first SGA meeting.

The first SGA meeting of the year began, as these things do, with logistics: Bryn Mawr will host seven Sisters Conference this year, details on sign-up to come; Student Activities Fair is this Friday from 12–3 on Lehman Lawn, over 50 clubs will be represented.

More logistics! The Student Organization Committee granted the right to allocate use of lockers in the Patron Saint of Barnard College Anna Quindlen Conference room.

The Food Advisory Board checked in, with news from Hewitt:

  • There’s a new to-go station near the card-swipe area.
  • They put out fresh fruit for lunch dessert instead of cookies, and people got mad, so now they have both fresh fruit and dessert.
  • Meatless Mondays!

Greek Life recognition will be tabled until October 18, 2010. Until then, an internal committee will be formed that will:

  • Meet once a week to discuss how Rep Council should resolve the issue of Greek Life recognition and develop at least three viable options for how to proceed.
  • Present these options to the Rep Council who, following discussion, must pass one of the options.
  • They are not deciding what to do about recognition of Greek Life; they are merely deciding how to SGA should proceed with the issue of Greek Life recognition.
  • A Town Hall on Greek Life Recognition is being planned for before October 18th to create an open forum for the Barnard Community to discuss the issue.

And Sean Zimmermann checks in from the first ESC meeting of the year.

  • VP Policy Heidi Ahmed reported that the council has been working on strengthening the gender netural/open/whatever housing plan, and there should be a new proposal for Deans Peña-Mora and Moody-Adams by the end of the month. The committee hopes that a decision will be reached by the end of the semester.
  • There is–surprise!–a SEAS Senate election in progress. Because no one actually knew about this, campaigning has been suspended and candidate registration will re-open to allow more SEAS undergraduates to run. SEAS Senate seats split earlier this year; there is only one undergrad Senator.
  • Freshman voting officially starts September 20th, but there have already been complaints of campaigning before the official start date. Hold your horses, eager engineers!
  • In a 12-8 vote, it was decided that ESC shirts will be dark-on-light, not light-on-dark.

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