Barnard EcoReps Steal Your Parking Spot

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The Barnard EcoReps have gathered today in front of the Barnard Gates to celebrate Park(ing) Day, an international movement to transform public parking spots into welcoming, more people-friendly spaces for one day. Today, 50 Park(ing) Spots may be found in all five boroughs of New York. For more information, check out

Bwog visited Greenborough’s parking spot, located on Broadway between 113th and 114th streets. It looked like fun! People were mingling and eating pizza. There was even a bed for lounging.

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  1. Anonymous

    dumbest thing ever I hope someone gets hit by a car, feel bad for the cars that have to wait an idle for an open spot

  2. Anonymous  

    Meatless mondays are the worst thing to ever happen to barnard. Now how am i supposed to get my daily dose of carnage?

  3. A

    A) its barnard
    b) its eco reps
    the worst combo

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