Bwoglines: Bad Things Begin and End

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If you thought Columbia bureaucracy was frustrating, think again. Several Columbia international students still have yet to arrive on campus due to delayed visas. (Spec)

France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Twitter account is hacked, and Sarkozy tells the Romanian people how he really feels. Prezbo, on the other hand, only seems to be worried about his cereal. (Gawker)

The Gulf oil disaster is finally (almost) over. (CNN)

Yesterday’s storm was even worse than you thought. (NYT)

This man may have sold you your fake ID. (WSJ)

Update: The Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal (CUSJ) will be hosting Emilie Marcus, editor-in-chief of Cell journal, today from 10am to noon in Earl Hall Auditorium. Bwog hears that free food is the best cure for a Friday morning hangover, so get to Earl Hall before all the food is gone!

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