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Today (well, technically yesterday at sundown) is the holiest day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur. On this Day of Atonement, Jews fast and pray solemnly for forgiveness of the past year’s sins. Completing the Ten Days of Awe that started with Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur is reserved for Jews to prove their devotion to spirituality. Kol Nidre, a prayer for repentance, begins Yom Kippur and sets a tone of introspection. The final blowing of the Shofar at tonight’s service, Ne’ila, seals the Jews’ fate in the Book of Life for the next year.

Historically, Yom Kippur has thrown off the goyim schedules. Sandy Koufax, legendary lefty, even refused to pitch a game. And on this holy day, Columbia schedules its first football game, depriving Jews from watching their glorious athletes. Consolation prize: make sure you get invited to a break fast tonight. Sundown is 7:42, festivities begin immediately.


  1. irrelevent  

    does anyone know a place i can donate clothes around here?

  2. still here and hungry  

    although not intentionally breaking any fast, i did try to grab a meal by swiping into Ferris or Lerner or whatever we call that thing now upstairs ... looks like my fast has to (unintentionally) continue. the place was crazy! all trash bins overflowing, no utensils or cups to be found, no plates... long lines.... food supplies dwindling, no place to sit. like utter chaos. is this what we are paying for? come on guys!

    • ...  

      they destroyed ferris. $12/meal is completely fucking out of control. i used to spend ~$7/day in ferris for one simple item and a beverage on the days i would eat there. i don't want to eat more. i don't want to pay more. that's a fucking 72% price hike. now i have to hike into the neighborhood, which takes time. and the neighborhood isn't exactly cheap either.

      just another greedy columbia scheme to separate me from my borrowed money.

      • hmmm....  

        We could all drop our meal plans at the same time, no boycotts or treating to do it, just do it, at the same exact time.

        • still here and hungry  

          but i don't think they will let us cancel, right? it's like a strict NO REFUND policy as far as i can tell.

          seriously, does anyone know if people hear our complaining on this? this is not just undergrad belly-aching, we have legitimate complaints that need to be addressed!

      • relevent  

        seriously. the old ferris and JJ's were incredibly better than their current incarnations.

        i don't understand why they even decided to change the dining system. it seems, at least to my ignorant self, that they just kinda wanted to change it.

        can anyone explain why??

        • Person  

          Yeah. Look for personnel changes. Every new Assistant Vice Director of Lalala has to make a big drastic change so everyone can see there's a new sheriff in town, and since it's hard to make actual improvements they usually wind up doing change for change's sake.

          Also, the school probably has some study to show that this was the thing to do, as it is customary before making any big change to do some completely inaccurate research. My guess is they asked a lot of parents rather than asking students. Dining dollars means students choose what to eat and parents assume their children choose wrong. Meals sound safer and more in line with what most colleges do and the parents have no idea that it will cost them more and force their kids to each garbage.

          But yeah, it sucks. JJ's doesn't have any trashcans on the buffet side so all the people crossing and asking to be let back in is just chaos.

          Captcha: corporate nottakes

          • ...  

            it's really quite simple. rarely do people eat $12 worth of food in an "all you care to eat" setting, so in theory, revenues will increase. but of course, like everything the administration does at this fucking greedy school under captain eminent domain, this plan is half baked. by disenfranchising those who don't want to participate in obesity promoting "all you care to eat" dining plans, they're just going to lose revenue from those like myself who used to buy three or four hundred dining dollars every semester and use them for occasional human sized meals.

            dining plan subscriptions won't increase, dining dollar and cash purchases will decrease and they'll still have the expense of operating ferris/jjs. budgets will be squeezed and quality will go down. net result: they'll be charging more for less.

            good fucking job guys.

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    had anything to do with the post.
    they were good comments however

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