1. Anonymous

    they don't suspect a thing...

  2. Anonymous  

    240 days til graduation!

  3. 240s on 240  

    best tradition....ever?

  4. 240s on 240?  

    please! that's the silliest thing i've ever heard of. that group was the stargazing society. we're not recognized by abc yet, but we're working on it. full mooooon, baby!

  5. Anonymous  

    i love it. this is a god damn tradition and people should respect it.

  6. Anonymous

    pub saf has some interesting crowd dispersal methods:
    "don't you think this is disrespectful?"
    "what would the dean think?"

  7. stargazer  

    The best part was the 10 minutes when two public safety officers just stood below us and didn't do anything. They were obviously in awe of our spectacle.

  8. Bad Analogy Guy  

    There's no way they're drinking, that only happens at PostCrypt.

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