Bwoglines: Ruffling Feathers Edition

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Etthiopian Prime Minister Zenawi, who allegedly detained political opponents and intimidated voters at the polls, is coming here. Some get offended; others say it opens up “academic space” for discussion. Tensions ensue in the Spec comment thread. (Spec)

A Cygnus atratus with ruffled feathers

Ahmadinejad, Take Two. (NyPost)

Divided Dems plan to go all out against the G.O.P by focusing on the extremist Tea Party and linking Republican rivals to what they actually say. (NYtimes)

Johns Hopkins suffers a stampede of elephants, mammoths, and bison. Actually, this is just how one guy describes girls. Classy, mister. (Jezebel)

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  1. what's a cygnus atratus  

    judging by the Latin, a black swan, don't know what that has to do with anything though

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