1. Anonymous  

    "Found on Carman 8"? Really? It's INSIDE an elevator, how is it found on one particular floor?

  2. Anonymous  

    it's nice to know that some things here never change

    also, my captcha is manousk degé. Am I expected to type the accent over the e?

    • CS Major  

      Recaptcha basically serves as a translation device and as a means to prevent spam. The translation aspect is part of its machine learning aspect. The way recaptcha works is that it presents a word it knows for a fact (if you misspell even a letter it will redirect you to the same page) and a word that it does not quite recognize (it's mostly words scanned from a book). By typing the word that recaptcha does not quite recognize, you are actually helping to digitize books. Penis.

  3. Anonymous  

    Harsh for people on the 4th floor (really the fifth floor with M)

  4. Anonymous  

    All of this has happened before
    And all of this will happen again

  5. It was

    funny last year as a freshman. Now it just seems toolish.

  6. Anonymous  

    Bwog (and all the people who submit photos to bwog) SUCK at taking photos. This hurts my eyes just looking at it. Urgh... Why does every photo look like it's been taken by someone with parkinsons?

  7. Anonymous  

    Does harmony have elevators too?

  8. ...  

    ok people, time to learn some fucking etiquette...

    if you want to be lazy, and take the single elevator in hamilton, that's your choice.

    but for god fucking sake, if you see people behind you in line that are on crutches, in wheelchairs or are otherwise mobility impaired LET THEM FUCKING GO AHEAD OF YOU. that doesn't mean waiting for them to ask, it means OFFERING THEM YOUR PLACE IN LINE LOUDLY SUCH THAT THE PERSON AHEAD OF YOU WILL DO THE SAME.

    it disgusts me to no end when i walk in there and i see twenty some odd able bodied lazies standing in line with a couple of people who genuinely have mobility impairments waiting behind them.

    that elevator, it's not for you, it's for them. it's like the seats near the doorway on the subway. yes you can sit there, but if somebody old shows up or somebody who has a hard time getting around shows up, you get the fuck up.

    c'mon people, show some fucking manners.

  9. Harmony Hunter  

    is this haromny, john jack, or haromyn???

  10. Anonymous  

    This is so fucking stupid. Once you stop being a freshman, nobody cares which floor you get off at. I don't get why freshmen are obsessed with this.

  11. Anonymous  

    as an ex carman 4er, FUCK EVERYONE IN EVERY OTHER FLOOR. carman 4 4 lyef

  12. Why this is dumb  

    What about people bringing their laundry up from the basement?

  13. Carman 3 Pride  

    I used the stairs all the time....too bad

  14. Carman Mezzanun

    What does it say by 'M'?
    and yeah, nothing is more awkward than taking the elevator to the ole mezzanine...only for laundry of course

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