1. I definitely  

    now need a change of underwear. Thank you Bwog.

  2. i dont get it

    who is taking a cab to deluxe??

  3. I can't believe  

    I missed teh cash cab... :-(

  4. GAHHHH  

    all my years of keeping my eyes trained on the license plates of the SUV cabs that go by and i missed it!

  5. umm  

    how do we know the guy wasnt just seeing things or making this up? cmon bwog.

  6. Anonymous  


  7. Anonymous

    Whoa. I don't think I've ever seen them above 96th on the show, though I admit I haven't watched it regularly in years.

  8. FML  

    OMGG My lifelong dream has been to be on cashcab

  9. !!!  

    I love the Cash Cab's icon status. And the fact that it's not an elaborate myth!

    The big question - WHY IS THERE NO PASSENGER INSIDE?!!?!

  10. Old Fart


  11. Harmony Hunter this is my least favorite article ever in the columbia dilly spectator. because let's just say haremny hall really actually became transporent. then i would not be abel to see it.

  12. Anonymous  

    I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! Every time I hail a cab, in the back of my mind, I always hope it'll be the Cash Cab. Why, Cash Cab, why not me???

  13. Omg  

    Ben Bailey is so hot

  14. Anonymous

    best bwog post ever.

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