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from HKSS's Facebook EventAll right, Bwog hopes you’re hungry Columbia.

First, CCSC 2013 is hosting a “pie and cider” event in the McBain lounge from 8 to 9 tonight. We’ve heard ’13ers have been instructed to “bring friends” so feel free to bring yourself and as many homeless people as your guilty liberal conscience will allow.

SEAS 2013, not to be outdone, is “engineering” a “nachos and stuff” event in the Broadway room in Lerner from 9 to 10. We haven’t heard anything about “bringing friends” so bring as many robots and/or Pokemon cards as you care to apply sufficient force to in order to relocate them to Lerner.

If you haven’t eaten enough, the Hong Kong Students and Scholars Society is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival on Furnald Lawn from 9 to 11 with mooncakes, hot tea, and performances from CU Lion Dance, Chinese Yo-Yo and Radiance. There will also be free food in Lerner 569 tonight at 8pm for the first Rotaract General Body ¬†Meeting.

Happy eating!

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  1. Anonymous

    The mid-autumn festival was also co-hosted by the Taiwanese American Students Association! :)

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