Barnard Announces Move to Gmail; Columbia Still Stuck in the Days of Office Space

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On Tuesday, Barnard students received an email notifying them they’ll be able to switch their Barnard to an email system designed by Google. The new system, called gBear Mail, will launch in early October along with an integrated calendar and will soon expand to include other Google apps, including Docs.

For those of you still using CubMail, Barnard is accepting transfer applications.

Dear Students:
We have exciting news to share with you: Barnard is providing you with Google Apps for Education! This means that your Barnard email will move to Google and work much like Gmail, with MUCH more storage space than the previous email system! Plus, you’ll have access to other Google Apps and features that you may know and love, such as Google Talk (Chat) and Calendar.

Barnard’s version of Google Apps is called “gBear” and will be accessible at Currently, the collection of Google Apps consists of gBear Mail (Gmail) and Calendar, but in the future we will offer other Google Apps, like Docs and Sites!

In early October, you can sign up to have your Barnard email switched to gBear Mail. It’s first come, first serve! However, if you haven’t signed up by December 31st, your email will be switched automatically. We will send another announcement on how you can sign up for gBear within a few weeks!

For more information on gBear, visit You can also come to our “Tech Talks” (information sessions) about gBear:

Thursday, September 30, 2010, 12:15-1:15 pm: gBear Mail Migration

Thursday, October 14, 2010 12:15-1:15 pm:  gBear Mail

Thursday, October 28, 2010 12:15-1:15 pm : gBear Calendar

The location for the gBear “Tech Talks” will be announced in another email since it depends on how many people inform us that they are coming to the event.

In the meantime, we would love for you to fill out a brief survey on Google’s services: On the survey, you can RSVP to the gBear “Tech Talks.” Also, if you provide your Barnard Username (UNI) at the bottom of the survey, you will be entered into a raffle for prizes, including an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or highly coveted gBear t-shirt!

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  1. bc 2011

    Blergh, 3 years too late......


  2. Anonymous

    Columbia's not gonna switch to gmail. Columbia wants to maintain complete control of all its information systems. It's always been like that. And it has a large student/faculty/staff population to justify it.

  3. filthy junior

    I'm glad Columbia doesn't trust Google's ability to maintain privacy, considering the problems with email exposure they've had. I'm also not keen on Google data-mining our mailboxes and usage.

    You can still use GMail anyway. If you can't get It to work with Cubmail the way you want, barter with your local SEAS student for help.

  4. (sorta) irrelevent  

    does anyone know how to add a cubmail account to the mac Mail app?

  5. Anonymous  

    i'm thinking of a different lemon party

  6. funny

    Unrelated but really amusing: have you seen this awesome blog by two Columbia alums?

  7. hmmm

    All fine and well. But tell me why, again, should we care about that school across the street with an insatiable habit of claiming for itself the prestige that rightly belongs to our fine university and ours alone? Why should we care about those wonderful (don't get me wrong) administrators who just can't help themselves from renting the name of our school for several million dollars each year to print on their diplomas, and falsely pretend that those documents signify what ours do? I don't mean to stoke any anger here, I'd just rather not hear about that school's "moves" until they make the move that is most rightly overdue, and move themselves away from our name. Again, I don't mean to bother...

    • arparp

      Oh, YOU! Hooray for you! You did it! You got into an exclusive school! You're the amazing person your mother always wanted you to be! Your father should congratulate and verbally validate you regularly! You should have an automatic hug box to give you the physical comfort you both need and deserve!

      Now: get over the fact that you share classes with other colleges either affiliated or under the umbrella of the university your college is in. Try judging people based on their actual intelligence, or, at the very least, their performance in classes that you share. If you're brave enough to get hyphy, cross the street into the estrogen mists and take a theater class. Getting in is only half the battle, now is the time for your aristeia!

      Feel better? Good. That's why we're here. All of us. For you.

      • Anonymous  

        ...or judge people based on whether they can use "aristeia" in a sentence. (bravo!)

      • yup

        I feel just fine about myself, thank you very much, and I know plenty of girls from Barnard and I like them all. I have enjoyed taking classes with them on many an occasion and do not doubt their intelligence. And yes, I have braved that death defying expanse that some call "Broadway" myself many a time... I haven't taken classes at Barnard but I know others who have and have enjoyed it. I have, however, had occasion to have some great professors with Barnard affiliations. And I have always admired the dedication of the Barnard administration and its responsiveness to student concerns. Furthermore, believe it or not, I have always had a secret disdain for rankings of all varieties. Rankings are not what made me fall in love with Columbia. Having said all that, I see no justification for that anachronism across the street. It is a very nice school, with fine students and fine professors, and kind and intelligent people-- and so it is very easy to love, and believe it or not, very difficult to hate. But I think that, in fairness, its unfairness is self-evident, and everyone knows it. So it should be said.

    • Anonymous

      Columbia students had enough money to buy their way into a second-rate ivy. Yippee for them! Everyone will realize how truly mediocre you are in a few years, but don't worry, you'll always have those college glory days.

      I'll be the first to say Barnard isn't the greatest, but Columbia, you're right there with us.

      • farkyew,  

        i don't support barnard bashing, but i also think you cray cray to say that all columbia students bought their way in. my family pays less than $5k in tuition, which is why i can be here at all, and the fact that my situation is not unusual is why i don't feel uncomfortable attending this school. kindly shut yo trap gurl

  8. Dear Arparp,

    You are amazing. Thank you.

    Voice of reason, that's what we should call you. So many people don't even understand the relationships between the schools at all, which is where comments like the one you replied to often come from. At least someone understands.

    • sorry,

      but I don't see what heretofore "unknown" insight or explanation was conveyed in the remark you reference. It was just a self-congratulatory sermon on the importance of judging people on merit and not according to where they are coming from-- which is only is something that I do, but is precisely, in fact, my problem with your school. The rest of the remark was a litany of other accusations against me-- rank obsession, snobbery, elitism-- none of which I'm guilty of. I am not slighting any individual. I am not calling anyone second rate like that one pathetic individual above. I simply do not like what Barnard stands for in the context of Columbia University, and I have not seen a rational argument that can answer or refute my objections. I'm not trying to ruin your day, or anyone's day, or suggest that anyone's intelligence should be viewed with suspicion. Unreasonable?

      • sorry,

        I meant to say "which is NOT only something that I do."

      • same as before

        One, I think it's funny that you assume I'm from Barnard (or so I'm guessing, by the "your school"). Second, I agree that Arparp typed out quite the little sermon, which I feel was a bit overdone. However, I do believe like I said before that Arparp rightfully mentioned the relationship between the schools.

        "Barnard [...] is one of four undergraduate schools within the Columbia University system (the others are Columbia College, the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of General Studies). In an arrangement unique in American higher education, Barnard has its own campus, faculty, administration, trustees, operating budget and endowment, while students earn the degree of the University." -


        "Barnard is both an independently incorporated educational institution and an official college of Columbia University—a position that simultaneously affords it self-determination and a rich, value-enhancing partnership." -

        The diploma issue comes from this official relationship between them. You can say that these are just the official standings, and that they don't matter. You can also say that Barnard's students have a less rigorous time getting in and have easier requirements (being a liberal arts school, perhaps) than those of Columbia College, SEAS, and GS. Yet saying that an announcement on Barnard switching mail systems (that is, btw, tagged "Listen up CUIT") shouldn't be here because Barnard unrightfully prints Columbia University's name on its students' diplomas... that's disregarding their "official" relationship.

  9. arparp

    You're so secure you flapped around like a flappity bat. You win internet discourse if you make the other person type more than you.

  10. goddamn  

    can't we all just hug it out?

  11. lawlercoaster

    yeah, let's hug it out. those froshies over dere' are goin' ape shit.

  12. ...  

    eh, doesn't matter. it takes about 5 minutes to setup gmail forwarding and configure your reply-to for your columbia address.


    ical support for courseworks assignments is what we really need. what would this bring? copy and paste a url from courseworks into google calendar/apple calendar/whateverthefuckyouuse and then assignments just appear in your calendar automagically as the instructor enters them.

    now THAT would be awesome. if they were to implement that (it would be a one day job for someone who had a clue) then i could really care less about all this bumbling about with sakai.

  13. Anonymous  

    At least it's better than feMail.

  14. alum '10

    It is not a matter of Columbia not trusting google, because they have the Alumni email all going through a google creation for columbia. I would not be suprised if Columbia has the same system as barnard coming out soon, just because of the larger size of CU they have a few more details that would need to work out....

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