ESC Election Tied – Runoff Election Scheduled for Tuesday

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Freshmen are ambitious!

ESC President Chris Elizondo has reported that the the freshman Engineering Student Council election has ended in a tie between the second and third place class reps. In ESC elections, the two candidates for class representative with the most votes are elected to serve on the class council. Therefore, though the freshman President, VP, and first representative have been chosen, the final member of the class council has yet to be determined. ESC has announced that a 24-hour runoff election will be held on Tuesday, and has decided not to reveal the results for the other positions until the final member of the class council has been chosen.

VP Internal Carla Williams’ email to the candidates after the jump.

Dear SEAS 2014 Election Candidates,

Now I know you are all wondering why the results are taking so long to be
announced. Fortunately, it is not because the website crashed and all the
results were lost, but unfortunately, it is not simply because I wanted to
leave you in suspense. This year, not only did we have one of the cleanest
elections,  and relatively high voter turnout, but we also had a tie for the
position of Class Representative. We have one clear candidate, but the other
post is tied at 14 votes each.

Normally we would be able to decide the winner based on election
infractions, but neither of the parties involved were guilty of any sort of
misconduct during the elections process. So our only recourse is a run-off.
I will open up another election between the two candidates for 24 hours, and
invite the Freshman class to vote once again to decide who will complete the
SEAS 2014 Class Council. Until such time, I will not be releasing the
results for the Elections.

The two candidates that will be participating in this run-off is Tanya Shah
(DemocraSEAS) and Patricia Hsu (FU Yeah!). I will be in contact with you
shortly to elaborate on the run-off process and on its date, once decided.

It has certainly been an exciting election!


Carla Williams
Internal Vice-President of Columbia University ESC
External Vice-President of Columbia University NSBE Chapter
Pre-med | BME – Biomechanics | History Minor
Fu Foundation School of Engineering | Class of 2011

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  1. hey  

    whats going on at van am quad right now?

  2. relevent  

    whoever loses, don't write an e-mail bitching about your loss.

  3. arparp

    All the girls wanna know, who's the cutest SEAS boy northeast of Low?

    ( )

  4. Anonymous  

    ...what on earth is an "Internal" VP??

  5. Anonymous  

    14 votes is high turnout?

  6. And  

    isn't this why you do instant-runoff voting?

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    is the longest signature that I've ever seen. Jeeeeez.

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    I hate it when people drop all their things into their email signatures. It's Columbia, we all have stuff going on, no need to broadcast it everywhere.

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