The Morningside Almanac: Week of 9/22

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Every week, Bwog brings you the latest and greatest in your local fruits, veggies and meats so you’ll know which seasonal goodies to look out for at the Greenmarket! This week: lavender, baby boos and duck sausage!

Today’s Market:

  • Lavender by the Bay is making a guest appearance this week with fresh and dried lavender as well as other related products.
  • In case you missed it last week, they’ve still got ostrich.
  • Stannards has decorative squashes including goose neck squash, baby boos, turban squash and Indian corn.
  • There are many colored cauliflower. Try them all!
  • There’s duck sausage at Hudson Valley Duck Farm.
  • Knoll Krest is selling Challah bread.

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  1. Math Majors  

    Will get a kick out of the Romanesco cauliflowers at the stand at the corner of 114th. (The buds are basically a self-repeating fractal design.)

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