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Andrew Carnegie, Big Business OG

The owner of Tom’s is being sued by a former employee. (NY Post)

Big Business wants to know if we should all be eating like cavemen. (Gawker)

Google wants the whole country to look like Epcot. (Wired)

Columbia researchers have come out with the first independent estimate of the volume of the Gulf oil spill — 4.4 million barrels. (Columbia)

And congratulations to the men’s rugby team, who beat Harvard yesterday for the first time in decades. Huzzah!

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  1. Anonymous

    well I guess 20 bucks a shift w/ no tips explain why the service is so terrible at Tom's

    • Tom's  

      It's not enough that owners can push essentially all of their labor costs onto the customer using tips, but then the owner keeps what is supposed to be the waiter's wage too? If I go out to eat I at least try to tip respectably because I know that's how waiters have to rely on it, it's a slap in the face for a restaurant to be manipulative and abusive to both its employees and its customers (obviously not equally abusive). Fuck Tom's there's no reason to go there if they treat people like this.

  2. way to go CU men's rugby  

    i'd never seen a rugby game before yesterday, but you guys kicked ass and were a ton of fun to watch. also, there was an awesome crowd and a great atmosphere. way to make us proud.

  3. Hooah  

    I hope this finally puts that horrible diner out of business.

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