Columbia Cranagrams

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Unscramble the answers to the following crossword clues to find common Columbia phrases, people, and places. If you want to procrastinate more, read the rest of the September issue of The Blue and White on Bwog.


  1. Llooks llike a camel: _ _ _ _ _
  2. Most popular salad dressing in the U.S.: _ _ _ _ _

Cranagram: _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _


  1. Australian Woolf woman: _ _ _ _ _ _
  2. Mandible: _ _ _
  3. You, lettuce, and beer all have one: _ _ _ _

Cranagram: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


  1. Columbia architects McKim, ____, and White: _ _ _ _
  2. Uses Twitter: _ _ _ _ _ _
  3. Irritate: _ _ _

Cranagram: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _


  1. May be high or low in your hand: _ _ _
  2. Like some bars, bikes, and blinds: _ _ _ _
  3. Plays a kazoo: _ _ _ _
  4. You need 1 for a complete one: _ _ _ _

Cranagram: _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



  1. Llooks llike a camel: Llama
  2. Most popular salad dressing in the U.S.: Ranch

Cranagram: Carman Hall


  1. Australian Woolf woman: Kidman
  2. Mandible: Jaw
  3. You, lettuce, and beer all have one: Head

Cranagram: Hawkmadinejad


  1. Columbia architects McKim, ____, and White: Mead
  2. Uses Twitter: Tweets
  3. Irritate: Irk

Cranagram: Westside Market


  1. May be high or low in your hand: Ace
  2. Like some bars, bikes, and blinds: Mini
  3. Plays a kazoo: Hums
  4. You need 1 for a complete one: Suit

Cranagram: Music Humanities

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  1. a completely unrelated side note

    do people actually go on dates at columbia here?? i'm a girl who just transferred here from dartmouth and most girls i've spoken to say they've never been asked out. of course this was about 15 girls so it's obviously not representative but i have no other medium to ask this sort of question.


    • a completely unrelated side note

      i'm asking because walking around, I've seen quite a lot of good looking guys here...while they're not tanned beach guys straight out of a GQ magazine, a lot (not all obviously) of the guys here are pretty decent looking. so i was wondering what the problem was. it can't be because they're shy (at least not the good looking ones). is it because the good looking guys here don't want to commit? is it because they are more career-focused and don't want to be distracted until they graduate? or is it because they just want to study, party, study, party, rinse and repeat until they graduate? what is it?

      • Good looking shy guy  

        I think you should be asking me, you know, gender equality. Be assertive.

        • a completely unrelated side note

          haha so your biggest problem is being shy? is that it?

          okay, lets say a girl is obviously showing signs she likes you: playing with her hair, giving you shy glances, blushing, constantly asking you about yourself, staring into your eye, etc...

          are you telling me that even AFTER ALL THAT SECURITY WE GIVE YOU, you're STILL too shy to ask her out?? even when you KNOW you're good looking?

          is that why?

          • a completely unrelated side note

            1) some of us don't go THAT bold because my exbf used to tell me that when a girl comes on too strong, she seems more dominant and men love submissive bed, in other places, etc...

            2) there's still a bit of a social stereotype that girls who come on too strong are sltty. its stupid but im not risking it

            3) genetics - that's what makes men so attractive - aggressive (in a gentlemanly way), goes for what he wants, shows no fear, etc... I mean, would YOU want a girl who was really manly and had tons of muscle? why not? she might have a great personality!

            4) social stereotypes again: we're used to guys asking us out, AFTER we show our sxual interest first. when a guy doesnt do it even after we guarantee him 99% security, we assume YOURE NOT INTERESTED.

          • Fuck...  

            I wanna date you, submissive and not a feminist.

          • Anonymous  


          • EC 6  

            Do you live on EC 6?

            And what possessed you to write this...

          • Anonymous

            As a man: Getting into one of the top schools of the nation, it's known that people sort of arrive broken with all the pressures required to arrive here. (i.e., we are all fucked up) Sometimes your self-esteem becomes so destroyed that you don't even realize you are attractive, that you can have self-confidence and that you are not such a bad person and should be aggressive in meeting people and asking a girl out. But that's just a perspective.

            Captcha: Raised pirved ... hhhmmm

          • Anonymous

            As a girl: I think you're on to something here. A lot of people who I've met here, both girls and guys, fit this description.

          • i dont get it

            with all the self esteem needed to arrive here?

   HS, all of my friends (and me) who got into ivy schools were in the top 3% of our class, held leadership positions in student govt, founded our own clubs, got our SATs in the top 99th percentile, etc.... I mean, if anything, that INCREASED our self esteem...some of my guy friends even got COCKY, esp. when they found out they got into darmouth, penn, columbia, princeton, etc... Most of us were extremely confident back in HS exactly because of all that we had to achieve to get here! We were all strutting our HS halls with our heads held high and life was absolutely amazing.

            If you're self esteem is beat up, either you did NOT arrive here in legitimate means OR you have bigger self esteem issues unrelated to academia.

          • Anonymous  

            i found this to be beautifully said

          • Columbia boy  

            "okay, lets say a girl is obviously showing signs she likes you: playing with her hair, giving you shy glances, blushing, constantly asking you about yourself, staring into your eye, etc…
            are you telling me that even AFTER ALL THAT SECURITY WE GIVE YOU, you’re STILL too shy to ask her out?? even when you KNOW you’re good looking?
            is that why?"

            Pretty much all of my "female-friends" play with their hair, ask me about my life (I'd hate it if all of my female friends didn't give two shits about my life...) and most of them do make eye contact.

            I found that post hilarious. And despite the humor in the response preceding it, I completely agree. Stop thinking "I'm the girl and therefore I should sit around and let them come to me" and do something with your life. If you want something, go after it. ESPECIALLY if your "obvious signs" are the most random and subtle, unnoticeable body gestures. I think the only guy that would notice those signs is someone scoping the room to look for "signs of consent." And didn't we all have a workshop about this during our NSOP weeks telling us NOT to scope the room for consent? Geez. Don't slap our faithful NSOP organizers in the face, please! :(

            Sorry to come off mean - I just feel like your question answered itself. And yeah, Bwog probably is THEE WORST place to go to if you want any actual help to your problem. Just saying...

          • a completely unrelated side note

            i understand where you're getting at, but sometimes we're TOO obvious and, like many of you shy boys, we don't want to give ourselves away too quickly either...we're girls after all....we bitch, we're pussies, and we're afraid of the dark (some of us). we're not MEN. we dont fight wars. we didn't conquer the mongolians. it's not a girl thing to be assertive, really. it's not in our genetics. im sorry about that but we can't fight it.

            on another note, if youre a guy, and if you know youre good looking, you CAN ASSUME 80% OF THE TIME if a girl is doing all those things BEFORE she became your everyday friend, she DOES like you. shit, last week i was walking towards a HOT guy on collegewalk. i swiped my hair back at him and immediately looked away; he noticed and kept staring at me then smiled. i LITERALLY tripped my step.

            if that was you, guy, i think i made it pretty obvious. if you still thought i was just being 'friendly' youre an idiot. im sorry.

            man up, gentlemen.

          • Columbia boy  

            ...I don't even know how to respond to that.
            You win.

          • columbia guy

            Oh come on imbeciles! Come on "Columbia boy"-- don't be completely pathetic. "I don't even know how to respond to that..." I guess that's what passes for boldness nowadays. Perhaps that's the problem.

            On the very oft chance that somebody will read this, I have to agree with the sadly maligned, "unrelated side note" girl. Many guys really could benefit a good deal from being more male in their behavior. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to be assertive. I lost out on plenty of girls due to my own timidity, more times than I can remember. But just because it's hard, doesn't mean it isn't a FAIR expectation. If you want a girl to respect you, you really do have to learn how to become a man at some point. I really can't say it better than she did. MAN up. It's so sad and pathetic that you would protest.

          • jees  

            i'm a girl, not really a feminist, but you are ridiculous.
            just because you are a girly-girl and don't have the guts to ask a guy out, doesn't mean that all women are, as you so wonderfully put it, "pussies."
            he hasn't asked you on a date because you're dumb. and you know what guys want to do with dumb girls? fuck them. not date them.

    • Anonymous  

      I can't believe you came to Bwog to ask for advice about guys and dating.

      • a completely unrelated side note

        yeah well, where else would i ask this? i figured id do it on a Bwog post that might catch a lot of people's attention.

        where am i supposed to get my answers then? flag down random guys on collegewalk and ask?

        is this seriously what columbia is like? are you all really like this? i mean, seriously. if you were me, where would YOU go to ask something like this? Bwog is bad for something like this, but is there something better? i hate talking about this stuff to the 10-15 sorority girlfriends ive made recently.

        • Anonymous  

          Suggested locations to find guys with guts:

          Fraternity houses

          Apart from hooking up, most of us are too busy to commit to one person. We have our careers and academics to focus on. College relationships could last a few months or a year (and amount to nothing beside carnal pleasures), whereas A+'s and internships can lead to a long life of financial stability. Financial stability, arguably, makes a man attractive for marriage. Marriage usually lasts longer than a few months or a year.
          Therefore, it makes reasonable sense to spend the few months and years at Columbia to attain financial stability and a relationship lasting longer than a few months or year.

          • FINALLY

            Someone took my question SERIOUSLY and provided a REAL ANSWER (whether I agree with this or not). THANK YOU.

            But yes, I do appreciate you being frank about it. I love a guy who's ambitious, has goals, and has his priorities straight, mainly because I do too (want to go to med school and make my own salary) and I look for guys who can keep up with me.

            But are you suggesting that most guys in relationships in college are NOT that ambitious?

            You sound exactly like my exbf before I finally dragged him in to start dating. He said he wanted to focus on his career so later on in life he can have a real meaningful longterm relationship and the money to enjoy it with her. If this is the reason why the dating scene here sucks, I would completely understand and will officially stop lamenting about it. But I doubt this is MOST guys' reasons for not dating right?

          • Anonymous  

            Btw, I also fall into the "everyone at Columbia is gay" category. So I, like your ex, am also out of your picture.

          • wow  

            That's it exactly. Ladies, quit focusing on guys and go get your education. Smart girls are way more appealing to me and I'm not looking for a wife in college.

  2. CC '13 Girl  

    You haven't realized that the majority of the guys at Columbia are gay?

    • columbia guy

      I can't believe so many people approved of that comment. I hardly think it's true. Statistically it would be quite an occurrence. But I completely understand why you think that when half of the guys here seem to have grown up believing that-- pardon the coarseness of my language-- their penises are "societal constructs."

      Your assessment of them, and the reception you received, is proof that more or less everyone knows, though won't openly admit, that there's actually something wrong with that. May the army of "thumbs down" now rain upon my comment and strike it away so that your delicate eyes may not see it!

  3. CC '13 Boy  

    There's an obvious answer: Barnard.

  4. well that  

    was totally inane

  5. Anonymous  

    it's columbia. everyone's gay.

  6. Bad Analogy Guy  

    Most popular salad dressing in the U.S.:


  7. Anonymous

    Columbia, your dating scene continues to depress me on a daily basis.


    You know the dating here SUCKS when walking on College Walk, you see more asian guy/white girl couples than white guy/white girl couples. Or maybe I just have interracial vision or something hahahahahaha

    - Black Guy happily dating white columbia girl, CC '12

  9. Question for Guys and Gals

    Would you rather have:

    - Lots of friends (guys and girls), lots of fun, lots of partying, very popular, very well liked. Maybe even be featured on BWOG. But no relationship/dating. [CLICK THUMBS UP]

    - A few friends that you don't hang out with often because you spend most of your college days with your significant other. [CLICK THUMBS DOWN]

    feel free to discuss.

  10. Really

    Who cares about this? I understand that some people might have questions about dating and such. That's cool. And I do agree with some of the things people here have said, especially the "raised pirved" captcha guy. Yet we're all in a good school, so we have to have some sort of brains. If you're upset that guys don't ever ask you out, why don't you ask out a guy? If you're upset that girls don't ever ask you out, why don't you ask a girl? Okay, those were double-negative sentences, I know, but I think they still made sense. We're in the year 2010. Girls and guys are both allowed to ask each other out.

    That's just my two cents, though. Take it or leave it.

    • Really, take two

      Also, as a history student, I find it ridiculous that women cannot approach a man for a date because, ahem, "men fight wars" and it's not in our female genes to be assertive. Tell that to all the women out there who do ask guys out on dates. In fact, tell that to all our female leaders, and also our women in the service. Tell that to millions of people all over the world who defy that oversimplification of the differences between the sexes. Traditional gender constructs do not rule our lives or determine our destinies by locking us into the roles of "chaser" and "chased". That would be a pretty sad world to live in.

  11. Anonymous  

    i cant believe any of you made it into columbia

    except bacon guy

  12. gay female too  

    really. totally feel the same way. though i never can seem to approach girls whom i know are gay

  13. Anonymous  

    I just want to know the answers....

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