Free Quarters in Hartley! Kind Of

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Something terrible happened yesterday. On the way to do laundry, Bwog stopped at a vending machine, and put in a dollar bill, then pressed the change button.

We waited for the clang of our four quarters, but it never came. The machine had eaten Bwog’s (parents’) hard-earned money! After an angry march to Hartley, Bwog went to the Hospitality Desk, and upon inqury received the Canteen Vending Services Refund Form. Columbia bureaucracy, you are relentless!

Without any verification whatsoever, Bwog wrote down name, date and location of said financial arrears. Voila, four quarters. The same form works if a vending machine fails to vend, something we’d wish we knew last week when we were late for class trying to kick our peanut M&Ms out of the Schapiro vending machine.

Bwog got something else for free, too: a stern lesson. Vending machines are not made to give change, so get your quarters at Hartley. Or if you’re a freshperson, use free money (Flex).

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  1. The worst  

    The worst is when the laundry flex machines take your money but don't tell the washer, so you just loaded up the washer that won't work because the flex machine thinks it is already in use.

  2. hartley  

    almost never actually has quarters

  3. This  

    isn't news at all. I used to do this all the time freshman year.

  4. Alum

    Actually, I've had people from the H-Desk tell me on numerous occasions to get quarters from the vending machine because they were out of stock.

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